Thursday, August 14, 2014

August Knitting!

Our knitting group does charity knitting for KOGO (which is Knit One, Give One) to the homeless and needy so I have been making lots of mens hats as that is something that they need and I need to use up some stash yarns too.  All these hats were knit from Magnum 8 ply which is an acrylic yarn but isnt too hard or plastic feeling and is a bit thicker too.

 I also started my Bakery Bear (by Kay Jones on ravelry).  This is Mr. Bakery Bear and was so easy to knit up.  Of course when I went to sew the beads on for eyes I couldnt find them could I so I had to embroider them on.  If I find the beads before I gift it then I will replace them.  I used some Bendigo Rustic in a nice brown color and used half a ball of cotton from Kmart many years ago to do his clothing.  I think he is rather cute and I am hoping my 2 yr old nephew will like him too as a birthday gift.  Kay also has a knitting podcast with her husband Dan called The Bakery Bears podcast.  They live in England so in each episode they visit castles and show you around with a history tour which I find very interesting.  They are very funny too and knit wonderful things.

I also have lots of other sweaters I am knitting on at the moment for all my little nephews and niece and need to get around to visiting them when they are home so they can get some wear out of them for the last part of winter.

Okay now off to do some more knitting and I will hopefully blog again very soon!


Thimbleanna said...

Boy, you've been busy! How nice to knit all those hats -- I'm sure they'll be much appreciated. And that little bear is adorable. Thanks for the mention of the podcast -- it sounds really interesting!

LeslieA said...

Your hats look really bright and cheerful! The teddy is really cute and his outfit is lovely. I started a permanent job just over a month ago, so have not been doing very much knitting, but am hoping to do some this weekend.

kgirlknits said...

KOGO is a great way to help out, isn't it? And the bonus is being able to use up all those bits and pieces of leftover yarn!

I'm sure your nephew will adore his very cute little Bakery Bear, too :)

2paw said...

We have been knitting for the women's shelter at out wool shop. It feels good to give something back and your hats look cosy and fun!!
Mr Baker Bear is gorgeous and I love his clothes, I bet any 2 year old would love him!!!

Gillian said...

Lovely knitting Sue! I've been doing more art than knitting as my fingers are stiffening up with arthritis. Nothing compared to your ailments and your dad's oedema. Hope you are all well and stable soon.
Cheers Gillian