Thursday, March 9, 2017

I Am Back

It has been so long since I posted here, nearly a year I think.  So much has been going on with our family that I thought it time to come back and let you know all about it.

Things have been a roller coaster ride here.  I gave up work in September due to the bosses being awful to everyone who worked for them so thought it was better to be home, or look for more work which has not happened as yet.

My partner has been seriously ill and was diagnosed in February last year with chronic liver disease.  He was given a blood transfusion 27 years ago and suffice to say that is now destroying his liver so he needs a transplant.  Lots of high emotions have been running around and testing our relationship with all our family.  At the moment things seem be calm which is great, although the stress is now affecting my health.  My hair has been falling out.  I have lost 13 kgs in weight, and have had an outbreak of itching.  I am hoping to soon stop the hair loss which is a bit scary.

Today I have to organise a wheelchair for him as he is getting very weak in his legs and cant walk around for very long.  He has lost so much weight that he could easily be a prisoner of war as that is what his body reminds me of which is very sad.  He is such a strong person but all that he has endured this past year makes me wish he was better already.

My 2 children are now both working and doing well which makes me happy.  Trying to keep your family happy with the above circumstances is very hard but that is my main aim.  I do hope that the rest of the year will bring lots of health and happiness, and also calmness.

I will try and post again soon with all the knitting that I have been doing lately.

Bye for now.


Daisy said...

Good to see you posting again but sorry to hear all that your family have been going through.

ruth said...

Hi Sue, I knitted the Harry Kewell jumper a few years ago and now my two step grandsons want one but I have lost the pattern! Can you please help me. My name is Ruth by the way.

2paw said...

Oh Sue, what an awful year you have had and I am sending you Labrador wiggly waggly tails. It must have been so difficult to watch your partner get progressively more ill. I am glad you have found time to be happy and glad. Take care.