Sunday, April 19, 2020

Wow It Has Been A Long Time ...

Well here we are in 2020!  Lockdown due to the cov19 virus is taking hold of our freedom at the moment, and to keep people safe who are more at risk.  Scary times and one I am sure we will look back on with lots of many different emotions.

I have not been back here since Paul passed away, which was 3 years ago on the 2nd of April.  It still breaks my heart that he is not here to be with us.  Our kids are now adults.  Isabelle is 18 and working.  Lachlan is 26 and working.  Both still at home with me which is good as it helps with not feeling lonely all the time, and of course the same goes for them too.

I have been trying to knit things when I am not working (I am a health care cleaner) so no time off for me.  I do think I am a process knitter as I have been finishing knitting things but not seaming or blocking them.  Maybe down the track I will get to it when I have a bit more time.  Cabled sweaters seem to be a favourite of mine lately so there will be a few of those very soon and in time for winter.

Our cat Willow has had her second lot of kittens.  One died at birth and another was fostered out to a vet nurse as it was eating but not gaining any weight and was super tiny compared to the others.  I do hope she is doing well.  The other four are doing quite well and now want our attention when they know we are near them.  Very cute and a good distraction for us during isolation.

Well that is an update for now and I hope to make it back here soon as I do miss blogging.  I am on instagram a lot more though as I enjoy seeing everyone's makes and travel pics too to places I know I will never travel too but that is okay.  Speak to you soon xx

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