Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy 2015!!

Hi there, sorry for the lack of posting for January but I thought I would take a break after the hectic Christmas rush and the New Yea
We had a lovely xmas with our families on Christmas Day, seeing all the families and enjoying their company and good food.  We didnt even have to cook which was nice.

New Year was spent with our lovely neighbours, having a BBQ and salads, and then yummy desserts.  I was in bed by 12:30 and it was a bit cold too so it was nice to snuggle up into bed and go to sleep.

Lachlan got a job which he is enjoying and it is nice seeing him go to work and earn some of his own money.  I am still working on him keeping his room clean but so far I have failed that.  I too am now looking for work which I hope will happen very soon.

Isabelle is now in Year 8 and started at her new school (which used to be my old school) and she loved it.  It is nice to see her happy and enjoying it.  She also took some tests today and was 1 of the top 5 students in both of them.

Now the bit of 2015 that I did not like.  We have had a number of robberies in our neighbourhood lately and our court seems to be an attraction for them.  We had a stolen car dumped around the corner just before Christmas during the day.  Last weekend our neighbour's car got broken into along with a couple of other ones.  Last night around 3:30am I heard Dusty our dog barking so got up and noticed that my car had been broken into.  Paul went around the corner to see if he could find them and they were gone.  They had dumped the clothes I had in the car to go to the opshop on the ground, and taken Isabelle's netball bag with them.  Apparently after talking to the police there were 12 break ins into cars around the neighbourhood.  I would love to get a security camera but since we rent we have no chance at all of getting one, let alone a security door.  So I am hoping since we were targeted that we wont be again.  We did see them on our neighbour's security camera footage running away with the stuff they took.  They only looked in their late teens.  I dont understand why kids or people do this.  I was always taught to leave other people's belongings alone, and keep your hands to yourself.  My kids are raised the same way too and so far, so good.

I have been knitting quite a bit over the Christmas period, but need to take some photos which I have not gotten around to as yet.  I have casted on 2 new cardigans for myself since I get too hot in sweaters lately.  I knitted over 17,000 metres last year which was fantastic so I am hoping to knit more than that this year.  I know I forgot to add a few metres into the knitmeter so it would have been more.

My health is also improving.  Much nicer to be able to go out and about and not worry about things.  I have another blood test in March to see that all my iron levels have stayed the same or whether my levels were so low that my body had to use them all up.  I am still tired but nothing like I used to be.  My surgeon could not believe how well I healed or so quickly which made me happy.  I have been for a few walks so now I am hoping that since Isabelle is at school that I can get a bit more exercise in during the day.

I hope to be able to blog more regularly soon as things happen and some progress on my projects too.

Happy Knitting!


Thimbleanna said...

Sorry to hear about your break-in -- I too, will never understand why people feel compelled to do that sort of thing. I almost feel like setting stuff out for them -- or leaving doors unlocked so that they don't do more damage just trying to get in LOL. Glad to hear you're feeling better -- it will just keep on getting better. And congrats on all the knitting last year -- that's a ton!

Unknown said...

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