Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy 2015!!

Hi there, sorry for the lack of posting for January but I thought I would take a break after the hectic Christmas rush and the New Yea
We had a lovely xmas with our families on Christmas Day, seeing all the families and enjoying their company and good food.  We didnt even have to cook which was nice.

New Year was spent with our lovely neighbours, having a BBQ and salads, and then yummy desserts.  I was in bed by 12:30 and it was a bit cold too so it was nice to snuggle up into bed and go to sleep.

Lachlan got a job which he is enjoying and it is nice seeing him go to work and earn some of his own money.  I am still working on him keeping his room clean but so far I have failed that.  I too am now looking for work which I hope will happen very soon.

Isabelle is now in Year 8 and started at her new school (which used to be my old school) and she loved it.  It is nice to see her happy and enjoying it.  She also took some tests today and was 1 of the top 5 students in both of them.

Now the bit of 2015 that I did not like.  We have had a number of robberies in our neighbourhood lately and our court seems to be an attraction for them.  We had a stolen car dumped around the corner just before Christmas during the day.  Last weekend our neighbour's car got broken into along with a couple of other ones.  Last night around 3:30am I heard Dusty our dog barking so got up and noticed that my car had been broken into.  Paul went around the corner to see if he could find them and they were gone.  They had dumped the clothes I had in the car to go to the opshop on the ground, and taken Isabelle's netball bag with them.  Apparently after talking to the police there were 12 break ins into cars around the neighbourhood.  I would love to get a security camera but since we rent we have no chance at all of getting one, let alone a security door.  So I am hoping since we were targeted that we wont be again.  We did see them on our neighbour's security camera footage running away with the stuff they took.  They only looked in their late teens.  I dont understand why kids or people do this.  I was always taught to leave other people's belongings alone, and keep your hands to yourself.  My kids are raised the same way too and so far, so good.

I have been knitting quite a bit over the Christmas period, but need to take some photos which I have not gotten around to as yet.  I have casted on 2 new cardigans for myself since I get too hot in sweaters lately.  I knitted over 17,000 metres last year which was fantastic so I am hoping to knit more than that this year.  I know I forgot to add a few metres into the knitmeter so it would have been more.

My health is also improving.  Much nicer to be able to go out and about and not worry about things.  I have another blood test in March to see that all my iron levels have stayed the same or whether my levels were so low that my body had to use them all up.  I am still tired but nothing like I used to be.  My surgeon could not believe how well I healed or so quickly which made me happy.  I have been for a few walks so now I am hoping that since Isabelle is at school that I can get a bit more exercise in during the day.

I hope to be able to blog more regularly soon as things happen and some progress on my projects too.

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Some FO's

Hello there, how are you all?  I am doing well and I thought I would post some pictures of recently finished sweaters.  Up above is a King Cole sweater pattern which has ribbed sleeves and a plain front and back.  I thought I would use up some Magnum Twist yarn to make it stand out a bit more.  These are in the sizes 2-3 years for 2 of my cute nephews.  I am hoping they dont grow too much over the next few months until we have winter again.  I really love this pattern as the neckline is nice and stretchy and the sleeves are too so a comfy one for little toddlers on the go.

Also I couldnt remember if I posted Isabelle's red sweater.  It is from a Patons Zhivago sweater pattern but I used Spotlight Magnum Soft 8 ply which knits up really soft and nice stitch definition too.  These projects are all on my ravelry page and I will post some more in the next few weeks before Christmas to try and get caught up on things.
Happy Knitting!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Post Op

Thank you so much for all your good wishes.  I am in the 3rd week of recovery and everything is going well so far.  Dissolveable stitches are a blessing in disguise I think, no worry about having to have them out.

I went into theatre at 1:30 already prepped up for surgery.  I wasnt too nervous as I knew I would be asleep.  Next thing I know I woke up with 2 nurses telling me I had a really big operation and that they were trying to control my pain (which I remember being quite horrible) so I got given morphine until I could feel the surgery area but no pain really, just a bit of discomfort.  It was 5:30 when I got taken back to the room so either the surgery was longer than the surgeon said.  The recovery nurse did say that my uterus was actually the size of a basketball.  I had to have my abdominal cut changed to a cut down my tummy as they were afraid if they did it the other way it might not be easy to get out and I would end up with 2 cuts.  I just told the surgeon to do what he thought best.  He was an excellent surgeon.

I stayed in hospital for just over 4 days.  My pain control was quite good and I was up and walking around on Thursday morning and able to eat and drink.  I think I go off my food after surgery so didnt eat for 2 days but had a drip to keep me hydrated.  I went home on Saturday and I think by Monday/Tuesday I could actually stand up straight.  I am still a but swollen around my tummy area but no real pain for the last 2 weeks and no pain medication at all.  I am rather happy about having it done.  So far I have lost 6 kilos and have been going for 15 minute walks around the neighbourhood.  I have been doing light housework and knitting, otherwise I would go crazy.  Lots of knitting to show you all - I just have to work out what the patterns were and what I have already shown.  So that is it for now, just enjoying the cool breeze and the sunshine and knowing that in about 2 weeks time I will have lots of energy and be able to do a lot more than I used too.

Speak to you very soon!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Surgery Date!

Hi everyone (who still reads my blog)!

Sorry for the quietness but in between running my daughter to school and back, and after school activities, and in between dealing with health issues and another iron transfusion I am finally here for a little minute.  I went to see the specialist about 4 weeks ago now and was put in line for surgery next Tuesday.  I have to fast from midnight and wont have surgery until after 12pm but I am sure my nerves will be a wreck by then.  Having a hysterectomy is crucial for my health as the time between my iron transfusions was only 3 months and my body had depleted it all in that time sending my iron levels down to a 2 again.  I had a horrible side effect a few hours later where every muscle in my body ached and I couldnt sleep from the pain so after this operation I am hoping that I have good pain medication with an open cut surgery.  I have been knitting lots of things but I will post them after surgery when I am feeling a lot better.  I wont be able to drive for about 4-6 weeks but I will be able to sit and knit I hope.  I know I am going to get bored but being on the computer and watching my favourite knitting podcasts and talking to my knitting friends will help me along.

Next time I speak to you I should have lots of FO's to show you all.

Take care


Thursday, August 14, 2014

August Knitting!

Our knitting group does charity knitting for KOGO (which is Knit One, Give One) to the homeless and needy so I have been making lots of mens hats as that is something that they need and I need to use up some stash yarns too.  All these hats were knit from Magnum 8 ply which is an acrylic yarn but isnt too hard or plastic feeling and is a bit thicker too.

 I also started my Bakery Bear (by Kay Jones on ravelry).  This is Mr. Bakery Bear and was so easy to knit up.  Of course when I went to sew the beads on for eyes I couldnt find them could I so I had to embroider them on.  If I find the beads before I gift it then I will replace them.  I used some Bendigo Rustic in a nice brown color and used half a ball of cotton from Kmart many years ago to do his clothing.  I think he is rather cute and I am hoping my 2 yr old nephew will like him too as a birthday gift.  Kay also has a knitting podcast with her husband Dan called The Bakery Bears podcast.  They live in England so in each episode they visit castles and show you around with a history tour which I find very interesting.  They are very funny too and knit wonderful things.

I also have lots of other sweaters I am knitting on at the moment for all my little nephews and niece and need to get around to visiting them when they are home so they can get some wear out of them for the last part of winter.

Okay now off to do some more knitting and I will hopefully blog again very soon!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hospital Is Tiring

Sorry that I havent been back in a bit.  I took my dad to the doctor's last Friday and then had to rush him to the hospital as he has oedema which was filling up his lungs with fluid.  He has been in hospital for nearly a week so far and is losing a lot of weight from the fluid reduction which is great.  Tomorrow he has more tests for his heart as they are worried it isnt working properly so fingers crossed that all goes well and they find out some answers which can be solved with medication or worst case scenario a stent if there are any arteries blocked.  I am hoping for the best and will return when things are on a more normal level.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wow June Already ...

Hello, long time no blog post.  Sorry about that but lots of things have been happening, not just great things.  I have been doing quite a bit of knitting though so I thought I would post some photos of the recent hats that I knit for my 2 little nephews and niece.  Up above is the green one for my nephew Atticus who looked absolutely adorable in it.  It is from King Cole Aran Book 2.  It is the Teddy Edward's hat although I omitted the ears from it.  I knit this in some Magnum grass green wool.  It knits up quite nicely for our cold winter.

This is from another King Cole book and it is just a basic beanie with the color changed just before the increases.  It just stretched enough to fit Harriett, my niece's head so I am hoping it doesnt get too small quickly.  It is also knit from some Magnum wool in pink and white.

This is the final hat knit for my nephew Felix.  It is actually a chocolate brown color and fit him with a wee bit of extra room.  It is the same pattern as the green one.

We also went out for dinner to celebrate my mum and dad's 46th wedding anniversary at a chinese restaurant.  My dad hasnt been very well since suffering from his spider bite and actually developed diabetes from the medication (which still isnt helping his leg).  On Monday I will be taking him to a new doctor to see if they can make his leg better and also to help him with other problems like hallucinating, not being able to eat or sleep.  He looks so worn out it makes me upset seeing him like that.
That is me with my sister.  She is 5 years younger than I am.  I keep getting told that I look old lately so I think the stress is catching up with me.

For those of you have been reading my blog for a while this is Isabelle with my sister.  She is 12 now and looking so grown up lately.

So onto the other things that have been happening:

- Isabelle broke her finger playing netball 2 weeks ago, xray and she played 3 days later with it.
- I had a blood transfusion in May and had to leave my job because I had no immune system and they thought I was going to collapse.
- I had to have a large iron infusion for 6 hours about 3 weeks ago because my iron was still too low
- I also found out that I have type 2 diabetes so am now taking medication for it.

With my health problems it looks as though I will be having a hysterectomy to stop certain problems.  I am a bit nervous about it.  I am hoping I will feel better when I find out more when I see the specialist about the actual surgery.  Women I have spoken to have assured me that I will feel so much better afterwards so I am hoping that I will and it will solve the iron problems too.  6 weeks of not being able to do anything at all will drive me a bit crazy I am sure but I hope I will feel like knitting during then.  Hopefully I can go back to work afterwards and get back into my routine.  My sister is actually going through the same thing too and it seems to be a genetic thing on my mum's side of the family which is unfortunate but not much you can do about it.

I have also returned to my knitting group which makes the week more fun.  It is great sitting down and talking with friends about new projects and also a lot of them crochet so I might get someone to teach me some more stitches and easier ways to do things.  I have quite a few projects that need seaming and pressing but I am not in that frame of mind to do it right now so I just tuck it away and cast on something else.  I am mainly knitting cardigans, sweaters and hats for my nephews and niece who are tiny and feel the cold.

I hope that you have been well over the last couple of months.

P.S. I have also joined instagram as Knitter Sue so if you would like to friend me I would love that!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A New Phone

Hello, I am back.  I finally got a new phone and it is wonderful, apart from Isabelle taking lots of photos of herself on it already.  I think this photo is the first one that she took and popped me into it too.   I am sure she added a special affect to it as her freckles are not normally that dark.   I am hoping that now I can take better photos than my camera I can update my ravelry page and blog more too.

I have finished knitting some items but I havent sewn them up as yet, and with the weather topping 41 today it wont be what I will be doing.  We are sitting inside with the air conditioner on and not doing anything much as it is too hot.

Isabelle started high school last week and is enjoying it, trying to get her head around the homework that now comes with it.  She is in the AVID class which means a bit more workload and she is learning Italian too which is exciting.  She was so cute when she came home and said I learnt Italian today but I cant remember it, as if she is supposed to already!

Here she is on her first day of high school and it was a nice cool morning so she wore her school jumper.  She doesnt like her school dress one bit but has to wear it so I am sure when the weather warms up she wont wear the jumper.  It makes me sad that I have no more little ones at primary school, end of an era I guess.

I suppose that is all for now and once I have some time this week I will take some photos and update the blog too.  I have been busy for the first month of January which is normal after Christmas so hopefully February will go at a slower pace.

Speak to you soon.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Looking Into The Past ...

Hello, sorry I havent posted much as January has just flown by and I havent done as much knitting as I would have liked.  My children go back to their studies next week so the house will be peaceful again for a while.  Paul has been working away from home since the start of January too so we only get to see him on the weekends which makes it a bit hard but hopefully soon he will be back at home at nights so things will be easier.

Our cat Lucy had another litter of kittens, 4 girls this time.  They are all beautiful and healthy and she is doing well.  Our cat Missy is still enjoying her little grey and black kitten who is now about 10 weeks old and so personable.  He waits at the doors for you to come out, he meows when he is hungry and sleeps next to you on the bed.  He has grown so much and to think he was the only survivor of 5 kittens makes him even more special.  Our neighbour's daughter is going to take him although we have all fallen in love with him so you never know what may happen.

I have also been doing the family tree again, or trying to.  It is so hard to try and find things out when a family has so many secrets.  I have been contacting organizations today to see if I can find my mum's older sibling who was adopted out at birth.  Apparently my grandmother had a little boy when she was 16 years of age and was sent off to a convalescent home until she had him.  No one seems to know where she was sent as it was all kept hush hush.  Her sister passed away last year but didnt seem to know much but my auntie did say that she was sent away as her grandmother told her.  I am hoping to find out more information in case this person who is now an adult is looking for birth information or other family members.  My grandmother passed away when my mum was 10 so she couldnt ask her anything.  My grandfather was not the dad but my auntie saw photos of her mum with a soldier and they looked like a couple so we dont know if he passed away or was kept away.  It was a year before she married my grandfather, and of course after she died he burnt all the photos as apparently they do that in aboriginal deaths so I am told, dont know if I believe that.  I have my fingers crossed that I can find out more to help uncover one of the secrets of the family tree that was never answered or given light.  The aboriginal side is still continuing not making much progress but I do hope to one day.

Starting next week I am hoping to get some photos of my knitting and start blogging again since I will have more time.

Speak to you all then.


Thursday, January 2, 2014


Happy New Year to everyone!
I hope 2014 brings you all happiness, good health and time spent with loved ones.
I am hoping to be more organised, working more and crafting more (also noting it on ravelry too) and keeping everything up-to-date too.
I hope to be riding my bike (that I got for xmas) more and getting fitter and healthier.
I also need to use up a lot of stash and keep note of what projects I cast on and off and take more photos.  I havent been taking many pics lately so I am hoping to rectify that.
What are you all planning to do in 2014?