Friday, May 29, 2015

Nearly the end of May

 May is nearly over and it has been over a month since I posted here.  Shame on me!
I have 2 items that I recently finished.  The one above is a blue hoodie (Sirdar pattern) where I just added the ruffles around the hood edge, bottom and cuffs.  This is for my friend's grand-daughter so I hope she will like it.  I dont like gifting things to people if they just sit in the cupboard and not be worn.
I also knit the Princess Bonnet by Linda Castles.  I absolutely love this little bonnet.  It turned out beautifully.  It is a free pattern on ravelry and very easy to follow too.  My friend from knitting group knit the other popular pattern but didnt like it much so she is going to do this one now.  I knit mine in Melody yarn which is a discontinued line from Bendigo Woollen Mills.  I love this yarn as it has cashmere in it and the stitch definition is just beautiful.  I wish they would make it again so I can buy some more.  Some yarns just match the project perfectly dont they.  My neighbour is due in about a week with a baby girl so I am hoping she will like it.  I have cast on a baby blanket too with the same sort of cable running through it from the King Cole baby books in Bendigo Woollen Mills luxury yarn in a cream colorway which I have just started.

I hope that over the weekend I will have some more time to knit.  We just had concrete poured around the house last week and it took 3 weeks for the agent to get it organised so we had to have the dog in the garage which made a bit of a stinky mess.  Thank goodness he is back in the backyard, although we have a new neighbour with 2 little dogs who love to bark so Dusty has spent his morning, afternoon and night running up and down the fence barking back at them which is making me a little crazy.

Isabelle has not had any netball training this week as she has had a sort of headcold with a headache that goes on and off.  I am sure it is from playing netball in the cold during the last few weeks.  We have a game tomorrow at 4:15 and then a game on Sunday at 12.  Luckily we dont have anywhere to be in particular over the winter weekends as netball rules it out unless it is super important and she misses a game or two.  I think next weekend is the Queen's Birthday weekend so we may have a bye.

Okay off to knit some more and watch Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.  I am watching Season 3 on ABC iview and it is great.  Have a great week!


Jennifer Adams said...

That bonnet is so sweet! I have a niece due in August and this is definitely in the running for a baby gift.

kgirlknits said...

I saw that bonnet pop up on Ravelry just after the royal baby was born. It's so sweet, and very "newborn", isn't it?

I'm sure both recipients will love their respective gifts :)

Thimbleanna said...

What beautiful little knits -- as always for you! I LOVE the little baby bonnet -- I didn't realize there was a pattern, although, I should have expected as much from Ravelry. Thanks for posting about it - what a pretty little baby gift!