Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More FO's

Good morning everyone. I finally finished the sock Saturday afternoon, and started the second one. I also finished two more baby hats, and thanks to all of you who left comments about them. I actually received the most comments on those hats, than for anything else I have posted about so thank you.
The purple/pink hat I made for my friend's daughter who will be 1 in August. She is only tiny so I hope its not too big. The other hat is red and yellow, and will be in the baby gift box for a later arrival. So far there are 2 girls due in the next couple of months, no boys so far. I am currently knitting a little girl's top for my cousin's daughter due next month so it is a priority to get it finished and to give to my Auntie who is coming to my parents next week. She will be able to pass it on since they live in Shepparton which is about 3 hours away. So hopefully after that is finished I will be able to do some more on the sock.
I have not done a lot of knitting though, because Lachlan has been suffering from a bully at school. This child has been calling him names and actually punched him in the face on Friday afternoon. I had Lachlan sent home early because of this, and last night Lachlan's molar came out from where he had been punched. I was so angry that this has happened, and also the fact that this boy is in his class. Lachlan is usually very quiet and keeps to himself, but if someone keeps annoying him his temper will build up and he will eventually explode. Apparently after the boy hit him in the face Lachlan retaliated. I do not like knowing that Lachlan is going through this. He has just started high school which is hard enough for anyone at his age. I just hope that this does not happen again. No-one likes to know that their child is being bullied and bashed at school. The teachers are quite good though at dealing with these things since both of them have been suspended, for the simple fact the teacher was not there when it started so Lachlan has to be punished for fighting back to protect himself. Well I have had my say and feel a little bit better now. Sorry for ranting, but I know that you all have kids and some of you may have dealt with this sort of thing before. So I will try to relax now and hopefully have some photos for you later on. Bye!

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Noeysmommy said...

All of your hats are so CUTE!