Thursday, July 6, 2006

No Pictures

Well there is no further progress on Paul's jumper. I think I have gotten bored with the color and the endless stockinette stitch, even though I am in the middle of trying to finish a baby hoodie for my cousin's little girl who was born last week. I have not posted any pics of it yet as I only started it yesterday afternoon. I just cast on for the front this afternoon, so hopefully I will be able to knit up the hood tomorrow, or if I get lots of free time maybe tonight! It is just plain stockinette stitch and I am using a yarn that I picked up from Spotlight a while ago. I will post the details later on in the week.

Also Gillian is holding a little competition for some hand-dyed sock yarn so pop on over to her blog and read all about it. I think she actually posted the deadline for the end of the competion as the 11th or 15th of July. It is in her comment section. Better re-check that when you have a look. She is very good at dyeing yarns, and I have seen her hand dyed socks and beanie that she made before she went overseas. The dyed yarn was so nice and vibrant.

I also had a read of the new knitty patterns that went up this morning. The only pattern that really interests me is the Widdershins toe up socks. I have never knit toe up socks, but I will have to try it. I never make my socks long enough in the length so if I can knit them this way then I will be able to use up all the sock yarn and not have as much left over as I normally do. I also liked the Fetching cabled wrist warmers. They look quite nice to knit someone for Christmas. Maybe put it on my "to do" list, which gets longer everytime I see a new book.

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ferg said...

Thanks for the mention but I've had no takers except Heide. I think competitions have to be more fun!
I liked the look of the Widdershins too and fancy trying a toe-up. I sold the little jerkin yesterday and have started another so that will be first.
Why dont you run up a range of those lovely little hats and try selling them. There's room on my stall.
Cheers Gillian