Saturday, September 30, 2006

More Knits

First up, I would love to thank everybody for their wonderful comments on Isabelle's new hat. She made me read them all to her and had a big smile on her face afterwards. She likes to sit on my knee occasionally and look at the pictures of you and your families out there in blogland, and she does ask the names of your kids too so she feels like she knows them as well. I started another cardigan yesterday, after doing some shopping at Braybrook yesterday. I grabbed some yarn which is DK Gold in white. I love this yarn, it is really soft and is acrylic I think, so I can just wash it in the machine. I made Isabelle a pink cardigan last year out of this yarn, but sadly she grew so quickly that it now no longer fits her. This is Design F from The Snuggly Book of Baby & Toddler Knits, which is a Sirdar book. It has really cute patterns in it, and I thought this would be nice. It took me a few hours to do all that moss stitch so I am sure my body will suffer for it today. I am knitting the size 3 to 4 size since it is quite wide and I will just adjust the length of it. I did see this on Claudine's blog made out of cotton and it is just gorgeous. If I find the link again I will post it later on. We also travelled to Mansfield to pick Lachlan up on Thursday which was about 3 hours one way, and saw lots of kookaburras along the way. We went up through Kinglake National Park, which was a very winding high road, and since I am scared of heights, this was quite scary for me. I think my panic attack got out of control and Paul had never seen me so bad before so it did not help him either. Poor guy! Thankfully we went back along the freeway on the way home. Lachlan was glad to be home too, and caught up on some sleep as well. I like my children having holidays, but I do miss them after one day away, not that Isabelle has done that yet. Maybe in a few years she can stay with Paul's mum at the beach.

I also thought I would post a picture of the CPH too. It needs a good blocking so excuse the weird look of it. I have not sewn anything up yet. That hood took so long to knit it drove me crazy. I have started the first sleeve so that is a good thing. I am hoping to finish this in the next 2 weeks, and I now have another knit to do for a 5 yr old's birthday in December. She loves pink so I am sure that I can reduce my stash a bit more, and pick out a nice summery cardigan to make her. I have even been teaching Isabelle to knit, and after giving her larger needles and thicker wool to knit with she is doing quite well. She sometimes does a yarnover so we just rip it back. She is quite good at doing that, and does not even get upset by it so maybe I can make a future knitter out of her yet. I will try and take an action shot of her over the weekend. She has just gone to work with Paul for an hour or so, so I will be able to get my washing out on the line and a few other little things before she comes back. Her latest hobby is trying to do cartwheels at the moment. We arent having much luck with it at the moment, but I am sure after some practice she will master it. Well that's all for now, and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Noeysmommy said...

Oooh pretty sweater! I like the CPH too. Any sign of the package yet?

claudine said...

The new cardi is looking good! That's a very nice pattern isn't it... I made one for my daughter in wool/cotton just a while ago and I really like it.

ferg said...

Wonderful knitting as usual.
Cartwheels are the sort of thing that you can do quite suddenly, after lots of practice, they seem to be as good as the ones at the circus! Keep trying Isabelle.
Glad lachlan enjoyed his holiday and hope that next term goes really well for him.
Cheers Gillian

sandra said...

My elder girl is just like yours - she always asks about every kid on other blogs!
Hoodie sweater is looking great - coloure is perfect!
Thumbs up for Sirdar sweater!