Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Werribee Zoo

Today Isabelle's kindergarten went on a trip to the Werribee Zoo. I had not been there since Lachlan was about 4 yrs of age, and it had changed quite a bit since then. We had a safari tour to see all the animals, and then after lunch we went to the new hippo enclosure to see the hippos and the cheetahs.

First up these are the two cheetahs which have been there for quite a long time. These were here when I took Lachlan and they just walk up and down in front of the glass divider and around the enclosure. You feel as though you could just reach out and touch them, they are that close and are really quite beautiful I think.
Now here is Isabelle playing the african drums in a little hut. There are quite a few of these around which are good when you need a rest. Here is Isabelle posing on the hippo sculpture which is quite lifesize and water sprays out everywhere. All the kids loved the hippo playground and the water too.
And of course the hippos which did not move as they were too busy sunbaking. I think most of the animals were enjoying the sunshine too much.

Now here is the baby rhino, who is only 1 and a half years old. Isnt he gorgeous. He weighs about as much as a car engine and they have rounded horns. His mum's horn was quite sharp as they file them into shape off the tree trunks. His other brother was there too, who is about 5 yrs old.
Here is Anthony the oldest giraffe there. He is about 20 years old I think. I cant remember the other giraffe's name but he is a beautiful golden color and taller than Anthony. I think giraffes are my favourite animals. They look so tall and graceful and I just love their big eyelashes.

And last but not least are the Meerkats. These ones are based just outside the restaurant/cafe area and they come up to glass windows to look. I wonder who is really being watched, the animals or us. It was a lovely day out and all the kids behaved themselves really well. While we were eating lunch there was a blue bird with a red beak, and he actually kept going up to people and pinching bits of their lunch and sneaking off with it back to his little swamp. He was very amusing to watch, and even pinched a bag of chips off somebody.

By the way, thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I did appreciate all of them. I did not get to finish the little project I was going to show today, so hopefully tomorrow I will finish up the last few pieces and be able to show him off then. I will also be able to show you all the Dangerous Dinosaur jumper that I cast on for last night. I think I am nearly up to the armholes. I wish I could have taken my knitting on the bus today, I might have finished some more but was afraid that maybe someone's eye could have been poked out with the needles. Well I am off to have a little rest and hopefully do some more knitting before I have to cook dinner.


lorinda said...

What a lovely zoo; it looks like you are right there with the animals. I haven't been to any zoos in the U.S. that give you that feeling.

Samantha said...

It sounds like you and Isabelle had a lovely trip to the zoo. Giraffes are beautiful, aren't they. The hippos are gorgeous too. The life they have eh? Sunbathing and relaxing. Nice. :)

ferg said...

Isn't Werribee Zoo wonderful. The safari ride is so good.
Cheers Gillian