Saturday, October 14, 2006

No more October

I am waiting for the month to change. After the incidents with Paul, the cats, the washing machine and the car, (yes the car needed its brakes fixed and the hoses too), we are just waiting for something nice to happen. I thought that nothing else could go wrong as it seemed like we had had our fair share of bad luck for a while, and then Lachlan came home all upset saying that the friend he had stayed with 2 weeks ago had had something terrible happen. His mother and 16 yr old sister had both been killed in a car accident in Merrijig. Apparently they had swerved to miss an old lady who had stopped her car in the middle of the road, and a petrol tanker had been coming the other way and smashed into them. The car had caught fire and they both died. I have tried trying to contact the family, but there is just a recorded message. Apparently they are staying in Bright for the time being, as his mum's boyfriend is taking care of them. Lachlan's friend's dad was killed in a motorbike accident 4 yrs ago, so now there is only his older brother and sister. I feel so sorry for his family and Lachlan and I feel so helpless as we cannot do anything. We could not find the funeral notice in the paper, but it could have been in Monday's or Tuesday's papers as it happened on the 5th of October. I am going to get Lachlan to write a letter to his friend, and I hope that this will help him feel better. Tragic accidents like this make us realise how short our lives are and make us take stock of it I think. Enjoy the good parts and try not to worry about things too much. I am a natural worrier and I think Lachlan has inherited that from me too unfortunately. Paul is much more relaxed than me, but he deals with stress in a different way. I just hope that this family has lots of love and support which I am sure they do. I really do not know what else to say so I will leave it at that and try and send good thoughts their way.

* We have just found out that the burial service will be on Monday. I am going to take Lachlan so that he can be there for his friend. He has decided not to write a letter because he was not sure what to write in it, so we have decided to buy some flowers and a card and take them on Monday, and pay our respects.


Debby said...

Oh my goodness what a horrible thing to have happened. That poor heart breaks reading about that. I hope Lachlan will be all right...that's a lot of loss for him being so young.

I hope this is the last of your bad news and that now you will have more good things come your way. I will keep this family in my thoughts and prayers.

jane said...

I need November, so sorry for the bad times! Thinking of you, Jane

sandra said...

OMG, who could thinkg anything like can happens to one family! This made me thinking of my family and how lucky I am to have than safe and sound (though you never know)!

So sorry for tragic knews!

Noeysmommy said...

Oh Sue! That just breaks my heart. We'll keep your family and Lachlan's friend in our prayers.

Samantha said...

How very sad. I'm glad you will be able to attend and pay your respects. I'm sure that will mean a lot to his friend.