Sunday, October 8, 2006

Not such a good day!

Poor little Daisy gave birth to her one and only kitten this morning, but alas it had died when we went out to check on her. We are making sure that she gets lots of rest and milk, and hopefully she will feel better in a few days. I was so upset for her to lose her baby kitten, and I have informed Isabelle and Lachlan that no we are not going to have any more kittens in the near future. After losing Rosie and now this baby kitten, I feel very sad today. I did have a wonderful day on my shopping tour yesterday, until Paul phoned me at 5:00pm that he was driving himself to the hospital to get stitches between his third and fourth fingers as he had sliced it open with the trowel he uses for plastering. He tripped over something and landed on it, so he arrived home last night after 10:30 with seven ugly stitches in his hand. He seems to feel better today, so hopefully in 10 days he can have them taken out.

Onto some better news (are you still reading), I did have a wonderful shopping trip and bought a few goodies, but I will post photos of them tomorrow. I did not get a real chance to take any photos of the places that we went to, but I can tell you that where we went was so nice and picturesque that I could easily live there. It is so beautiful and green, and the Yarra river runs through the countryside and is so clear and beautiful up that way, compared to the part of the river which is in the city, which is really dirty and brown. I do believe that the platypus live up in the river near where we were yesterday, but I did not see any. I think one day that Paul and I will take the kids up there one day for a picnic and spend the day. Well that is about it for now, so sorry to depress you all with my sad news. I hope that you will visit back tomorrow and see the goodies that I purchased, and hopefully the week will get better.


ferg said...

Oh Sue, what a sad time you are having with your kitties. At least Daisy is all right.
Chees for now Gillian

jane said...

Oh, no! I can't believe you lost another kitten! I don't blame you for taking a break from new kitties! Jane