Tuesday, December 5, 2006

150th post

Gee I didnt realise I talked so much but I guess I do. 150 posts! It just seems like I started this blog a little while ago, so time just flies by so quickly.
First up I finally finished up the scarf for Isabelle's teacher, which is from one of the Jo Sharp books, which I think was the Gathering book. Must re-check that. I used 3 balls of merino wool and it is nice and soft. I am so glad it is finally finished though so that I can finish up some other things. I just need to finish up the purple scarf for her other teacher now, so that will be all done.
Now onto the postcard swap, I received another postcard yesterday from Nikki who really does make lovely things. She is so creative, so thank you Nikki for making me one. I have put it with the other two, so now 7 more to go. It is quite exciting going to the mailbox to find something other than bills in there.

We also went to Isabelle's concert tonight and they were all so gorgeous. They all sang and danced for about 10 songs, and they were all in rhythm too. Paul's mum and my sister and my aunt came too. Mum could not make it as she has been having some health problems for the past week so I will keep her company tomorrow whilst Isabelle is at kindergarten. I think I will miss the kindergarten year, the teachers are fantastic, and the other children and the parents are so nice. Here is Isabelle posing with her kinder certificate. She is so proud. She also had her first 2 hours of school this morning too, and found out her grade teacher and the other children in her class. I think she will settle in really well, as for me well I dont know about that. Maybe some part time work will be needed to curb the boredom, even though I could knit all day but we do need someone to speak to occasionally too. Well the weather has finally cooled down a little bit here, it was 34 degrees today which was hot, and I must make the lunches for tomorrow before heading off to bed (of course after a bit of knitting).


Cathy said...

The scarf is terrific and I think the teacher is going to love it.

Congratulations to Isabelle! This is a big step in her life.

Saltwater purls said...

Wow you're just ripping through the prezzie knitting. I'm belatedly starting mine (now I'm broke and must only use stash for presents).

Dipsy D. said...

Oh, that scarf is *so* gorgeous - and it looks every bit as soft and cozy as the yarn promised! I'm sure the recipient is going to love it!
Congratulations to Isabelle - this is absolutely amazing!

sandra said...

Such vergin scarf! Hope you are working those scarves for fee!
Congrats to Isabelle!

Debby said...

What a pretty scarf! Jo Sharp has such lovely designs, doesn't she?!

Congratulations to your daughter. She must be very proud to move on to the next step in her life. I hope your mother feels better soon!