Thursday, December 28, 2006

I Know its not New Year yet

but I have still been reading blogs and I have had a little helper lately. Coco just loves to sit on the computer desk now and keep me company. If she sees something moves on the screen she is ready to pounce on it. Bella sometimes comes along too, just for cuddles though.
So I thought that rather than waiting until 2007, I thought I would show you all the wonderful Christmas pressies that Karyn sent to me. We did a swap and she outdid herself, really, and she even made something for Isabelle too, but she wont let me take any photos this morning as she has been redesigning her face with her play makeup, and well let's just say it is a bit overdone.

First of all we have some beautiful patterns that she sent to me, and I love the blue raglan jumper, very nice, and the lace cardigan is just gorgeous. I havent mastered lace yet, so we shall see about that one. She also gave me some little knit note cards with tiny envelopes, just so cute, and some Knit It pencils too, which will be great for note taking. I also received two lovely balls of Sugar N Cream so now I will be able to knit it up into some lovely washcloths, or maybe a hand towel like the pattern on the ball band. Karyn also put some Cascade 220 Quatro, and it is the most beautiful blue with purple and green flecks through it. I have no idea what I will make with it, (any suggestions would be helpful) so a big thank you Karyn. She also gave Lachlan a California t-shirt, and even though it is too big at the moment, he is wearing it and wont take it off. I think I will have to sneak into his room tonight to put it into the washing machine. I think this was one of the best presents that I received for Christmas, and it is just so nice to get a lovely thought of pressie, and I had fun putting together some gifts for Noelle and Karyn too. I hope they arrive soon, fingers crossed. I also received my Interweave Knits mag this morning, so I have had a glance through it. I have been sick since Christmas Day, and yesterday after a quick visit to the doctors I was diagnosed with bronchitis, so bed rest for me, even though I really dont think a few hours in bed is bed rest. I am taking antibiotics so hopefully will feel better by the weekend. I will try and post Isabelle in her pressie from Karyn, and I also finished the Tide Cardigan on Boxing Day too, so another FO was completed for 2006. By the way if you wish to keep reading I have been tagged by Christina for the 6 weird things about me. If you dont want to know anything else about me, you can stop reading. For those who would like to see my little weird habits, then continue on.

  1. I rub my feet together every night before going to sleep. I have done this since I was very young, and still do it to relax. If Isabelle is in bed with me though she tells me to stop and says it is annoying.
  2. I cannot eat any of my child's leftovers, cannot even lick their icecreams. I just cannot eat other people's food that is on their plate, or if Isabelle's icecream is dripping I use a serviette. I know it is not about the germs, I just do not like it. No worries though, Paul usually eats everybody's leftovers off their plates!
  3. I organize my ironing. I know, very strange but for me it makes it easier. I put Isabelle's, Lachlans, Paul's and my clothes into piles, the children's go into one basket, and ours into the other. When I iron I have to finish one of the baskets, unless something else is urgent. That way I know how much I need to iron later on. Paul's and mine sits there longer than the kids though, as it takes some time to iron all the clothes.
  4. I only eat my lasagna. I am not being a food snob, or maybe I am. I cannot eat any other lasagna, as I have to know what is in it, so I only eat the one I make. I know very weird, and please dont feel insulted if I meet you and I dont eat your lasagna.
  5. Heights, - well even if we drive up a high mountain and I am in the car, I cannot drive the car, Paul has too. I even feel sick and overwhelmed which usually results in a panic attack, so sitting in the back seat behind the driver is a much better option and I dont have to look over the edge. My height fear is very overwhelming for me, and sometimes I wish that I could just get over it, but I suppose people deal with fears, or just do it day by day. I will one day travel to the end of The Great Ocean Road. I have made it 3 times to Apollo Bay so next time will have to be the whole way.
  6. Last but not least, I hate mess. I have to have things organized or in their place. Sometimes I dont worry about it, like when Isabelle or Lachlan's friends are over, but I do clean up straight after they leave. I think this stems from the fact that my mother never kept a clean house, it just did not worry her and now it seems as though there are not any kids at home that she does keep it tidier. I think I drive people insane with my house cleanliness, but it is not like I get down on my hands and knees and scrub the floors with a toothbrush or anything. As for my knitting things though, they seem to reside in their own little places, on the shelf, on the couch, next to the couch on the floor, ho ho hum hum.

Ooh I nearly forgot the last photo, it is a present that my sister made for me for Christmas. Isnt it just gorgeous, and it is nearly half the size of the bed. I just absolutely love it, and she is so clever at her quilting. It now sits in pride of place on my bed. Tomorrow I will hopefully have some pictures of Isabelle in her pressie and of the Tide Cardigan, less makeup of course. Hope you all have a wonderful wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

hello Sue, What gorgeous little kittens. You are so generous to take on two more and in many ways once you have one cat you might aswell have more than one because the looking-after jobs are the same.
Your lovely big pillow is a true masterpiece and so pretty.
Things are fine here and I'm feeling a bit better each day. i heard from Robert today and he is going to go to detox inJanuary so I have mixed feelings but some hope for him.
Your tag list was interesting! I'm such a guts for lasagna that I'll eat anyone's!
Have a wonderful New Year, lots of love Gillian

Rachel said...

Great gifts! (And super, super cute kitten!) I rub my feet together (actually, I mostly rotate my ankles, but that usually causes foot rubbing) when I'm going to sleep too. I wonder where it comes from?

Katt said...

Tara use to keep me company at the puter when he was a little kitten was so cute.

LOVE the pillow! Gorgeous!

Looks like Karyn sent you some gorgeous things!


jessica said...

What wonderful pressies! Love the quilted pillow, its beautiful!

Noeysmommy said...

Oh, I'm so happy that you like your pressies! I had a lot of fun picking them out for you! Guess what? Your gifts arrived on Saturday!!(the last possible day before Christmas!) We LOVE them!! Will post all about them soon!