Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sprucing Up For Christmas

I have been trying to get ready for Christmas. The tree is up, most of the presents are wrapped, and I only have to buy one for my MIL now, but Paul can do that since he knows what food she likes, as we are going to make a hamper for her. I have been receiving postcards as part of my swap too, and they are so cute. The Christmas tree one is from Beate who lives in Germany, and the little reindeer one is from Natalie who lives in the UK. It is so nice to receive mail from the other side of the world, and who probably have a white christmas. We had a very hot day on Sunday for Paul's grandmother's dinner, where it got to 42 degrees. I am only good in about 24 degrees, so anything hotter than that and I start to swelter and end up with a headache. Thankfully by the time we got there the cool change came in and it went down to about 27 degrees. We got to see the newest additions to the family, and there are now two more due next year, by twin sisters who just had the latest newest additions. They were so adorable, it makes you want more, but then I remember the sleepless nights, and dirty nappies and I change my mind. So finally, here is the brave moment for me, since I hate having my picture taken I thought I would take one since I just had my hair cut and colored. I had not colored it for about 6 months so I thought it was badly needed. I need a haircut every 6 weeks as my hair grows so fast, so here is a picture of me. I really dont know how people take photos of themselves in the mirror, I took lots which were all horrible and this is the best I could do, and it still doesnt look any good. I think I need Isabelle or Lachlan to take it next time. I still have been knitting too, the red and gray cardigan is knitting up just gorgeous so hopefully I will be able to finish it soon. We have a Christmas Party for Isabelle's kindergarten tomorrow at a big park so hopefully after that I can knit some more. Happy knitting everybody!

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Debby said...

What nice postcards you received in the mail! It's fun to receive such pretty things in with all the bills.

You have a great smile -- your hair came out great too so don't worry! I hope you are all feeling better. I envy your hot weather as it's cold and drizzly here in the Northeast US today.