Sunday, January 7, 2007

#No 1 FO

This is the vest Cool that my sister wanted me to knit for her from the Rowan Classic Style Book 16.
Started: Late last year, probably around October.
Finished: 6th January 2007
Yarn: TLC Cara Mia, dark charcoal, about 2 balls.
(100 gm size)
Size: 12
The cables are just on the front of the vest, the back is just k2, p2 all the way through. This is a nice simple pattern which is easy to memorise, so it makes the knitting go much quicker. I made a chart of rows for the neckline so I could follow it exactly for the opposite side, therefore no guessing how many rows to do. I will be giving it to my sister today, depending on how sore she feels from her fun run yesterday. Yes, she is the fit and active one, I think she got all the genes for that one. Maybe I will have to borrow some from her since one goal this year is to lose some kilos and start my walking again. When Isabelle heads off to school in Feb I will be trying to put in an hour's walk each morning which will certainly help me. We did not get any rain last night either, after strong winds indicated that we might get some. I did trim my roses though since most of the petals had been blown away by the strong winds, so now they look much nicer. Paul and I went over to my neighbour's house too, and cut off some lower branches of her tree. It looks so much better now, and she is 69 years of age, so it is a bit much for her to do since her husband passed away last year. She is a lovely neighbour, and a very talented crafter too. I think I should get her to teach me some of her clever crafts that she does. I also started a new knit last night, but I will wait until I have some progress of it before I show it. Happy knitting everyone and have a nice and relaxing weekend.


Katt said...

Oh wow that vest is GORGEOUS!!! I love cables and ribs together they always look beautiful..

I think with my youngest at school two days a week Hubs and I might take up walking a bit more too.

Cant wait to see what you are currently knitting.


tiennie said...

Very nice! Love the color!

sandra said...

THAT KIND OF VEST IS TIMELESS! And just today I got order for woman vest!
Great you are kind to your neighbour!

ingrid said...

Your sister has good taste and it was nice of you to knit a vest for her...I'm such a selfish knitter....

Manda said...

I LOVE that tank top (as we say over here). It's absolutely gorgeous! LOVE IT!!!!

Susan Hird said...

Love the vest and love that you are so thoughtful of your neighbour. There should be more like you around.

Noeysmommy said...

Beautiful Sue! Well done!

Debby said...

What a great vest! Your sister is a lucky recipient. :)

Happy 2007 to you and your family, and I hope you all receive more rain soon.

m said...

I love the understated cables ..I have that same yarn .. doing a cardigan in raspberry (bit by bit ..It WILL be finished for winter...hard to imagine winter when its 41 'degrees on the verandah ).
its so soft to knit with ..i'm imaging it will be nice to wear