Monday, January 29, 2007


I would like you all to meet Matilda. She is trying to get a bit of sunshine whilst relaxing in the garden. I hope she doesnt get too burnt out in the garden, as I think she may need some sunscreen to keep her lovely white skin from turning the same color as her dress.
I think she turned out quite cute, and me being lazy just sewed up an easy dress instead of making the same clothes as in the book. I glued on her hair, which I purchased from Spotlight, and was much easier than trying to sew wool into place for her hair. Isabelle said that she would like her to play with, but I have told her that this one is for myself. Now having said that I have to make another one for her, although she wont be the same, as in the color of her hair or clothes, but it might be some time before you see her on the blog. Lachlan made the nose for Matilda, out of the modelling clay that you bake in the oven. It is not quite round enough, but adds character I think. I hope the next one will turn out even better, but it will have to wait a while because I have quite a few things on my agenda starting Thursday. The kids start school on that day, so I will have a free morning, as Isabelle only has half a day for the month of February.
Onto the knitting, and I have finished one front of the same jacket as the one I just finished for my nephew. This one is a deep orange with a light orange stripe. I just finished up the band for the right front too, so not much more to knit on that one. I also paid a visit to one of my favourite yarn stores on Saturday, Stitchery Blue in Williamstown. They have a shop in Geelong too, and sell Rowan, Debbie Bliss, Noro and other wonderful yarns that a lot of yarn shops over this side do not generally sell. I bought a pattern book which is by Sirdar to knit a baby hooded cardigan, and I have already started on this too, nearly finishing up the back. I will post a picture of the book as it has some gorgeous patterns in it. I am knitting it in a chocoloate brown color which does not fit in with the month of Feb/March for PS, but I have also been knitting on another baby hooded jacket which is in blue so I will try and finish up that one first, along with the cardigan for Isabelle. I still have not decided what socks to knit next, but I will let you know before Thursday. It seems I am going to be busy busy busy knitting and sewing, but that is how I love to spend my time. Alas the housework will have to be done too, so that is the job for the mornings along with an hour of walking too. By the way, speaking of losing weight, we have just found out that our old friend will be a contestant on the next Australian version of the Biggest Loser. Damien is his name, and my sister went to school with him. He is a fantastic singer, and I hope he goes well in losing some weight. I think he might be one of the biggest contestants, so I hope he can hang in there and manage to do well for his sake, and for his mum's as she has always been worried about his health. Well that is about it, I have babbled on long enough, so now I will give you a rest and hope to see you by Thursday with the plan for the next pair of socks, and some pictures of the Sirdar baby book too!


tiennie said...

She's very cute that Matilda!

sandra said...

Love, love, love...adore Matilda!

Katt said...

Matilda is gorgeous! You did very well with her!

That two shade orange jackets sound great cant wait to see it.

I still got 2 weeks before my girls go back to/start school...not that I am counting down!! LOL


Penni said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Matilda is gorgeous! I love her name too.

The pattern I used for my stripey baby cardi is from the Paton's book Classic Baby Knits, I have an old version but it's still available. It's great for basics and gives all the patterns in 3,4,5 and 8 ply which is really handy.

I've book marked you so that i can catch up on some other posts when I get a chance

PlumStitches said...

Matilda is so sweet - you did a great job with her and I love that Lachlan helped with her nose!

Susan Hird said...

Matilda is gorgeous, and I love her nose.
Does your pattern book also have patterns for a hooded jumper? Although, if need be I could adapt the pattern I guess.

Laura B said...

she's super cute! i agree about the nose.