Friday, January 12, 2007

Project Spectrum 2.0

is about to start in February. I have decided to knit up a lot of my stash this year, (really as much as I can) so this project is going to help me out somewhat. I was going to join in with Knit From Your Stash too, but I had already purchased some yarn this year, so I thought I would just incorporate the two projects together unofficially. I have signed up for Project Spectrum and there are already over 600 participants.
  • February/March is blue, gray and white.
  • April/May is green, yellow and pink.
  • June/July is red, black and metallics.
  • August/September is brown, orange and purple.

I am thinking that the best way to approach this is to type up a number of projects to reduce the stash color of the 2 month period, and decide what to make. I will post my upcoming projects for February/March soon, and since I have all those colors in the stash this should be an easy process. Now just deciding what to knit will be the biggest part and trying to complete them in 2 months, so maybe the Tweed Aran Cardi will not be put through the Feb/March section. I will keep that aside as an all year project I think since then I will not have any pressure to finish it up in a certain time frame and stress out from it. I am going to try and finish up both of my nephew's jackets in January, and since they are both the same pattern, just different sizes it should not take too long. I have already finished the back of the orange one, andI have nearly finished the back of the gray one too. I am hoping that they turn out nicely too, and that I do not run out of yarn, or otherwise there will be another trip to the yarn shop that I really do not need to make. This should be a fun period of knitting for the next 8 months, so happy knitting everybody.


Taphophile said...

I signed up, too. Really looking forward to it. Good luck with the knit through stash thing.

Katt said...

I was a part of the last Project Spectrum..I dont have time for this one though :(

I have joined the Holiday Heads up though. Which will be fun..

Cant wait to see all the things you knit.


tiennie said...

I'm joining this too. I usually knit in black, grey, white or pretty plain colors so this should kick me into thinking about other colors!

the stripey tiger said...

Wow Sue, your last few project look great - you must love cables like me! I've got a few cble projects happening off blog at the moment. Thanks for your comment on my OS and the kercheif. :-) Sharon

the stripey tiger said...

sorry about the typos :-)