Friday, January 19, 2007

The Rain Has Returned

Thank you all so very much for the birthday wishes for Lachlan. They were all very much appreciated. We had a great day on his birthday, apart from the 38 degree weather that we had. Yuck! Thankfully we went to the movies, which was lovely and cool, and saw A Night In The Museum, which was very funny. We all really liked it, and Isabelle sat there through the entire movie, not wriggling one little bit.
Onto the knitting content, and I am now on the sleeves on my nephew's jacket. Hopefully I will have photos later in the week.
It has also been raining most of the night, and still is right now. Very much needed, and I hope it falls in the reservoirs and over the bushfire areas. The smoke smells awful enough here, and we are 3 hours away from it, so I hate to think how horrible it is over the east side of Victoria.
Also, I would just like to mention that Gillian's husband passed away on the 11th of January from a brain aneurism. I am attending the funeral today to give my support to her. Please pop over and send her hugs, she will need them. I will try and post over the weekend, so have a safe and wonderful day.


tiennie said...

I'm glad that you had a great celebration for Lachlan's birthday!

I am sorry about your friend. She has a lot to deal with.

Taphophile said...

Yay for rain -we've had decent rains 2 nights running. Just enough to lay the dust and dampen the soil overnight. It gives hope.

My love to Gillian if you see her again.

Tangerine Dreams said...

Lachlan seems like such a cool kid! Love his name, too. I hope the rain brings some relief. That is just so terrible what is happening there. I've heard species are coming close to being wiped out. So sad about your friend too. My thoughts have been going out to her.

amanda j said...

Ooh, we saw that movie and ever since my husband has been saying it is the best movie EVER. He is a sucker for monkeys though! We have had smoke issues in Launceston, can you imagine!

Susan Hird said...

I read about Robert in Gillian's blog. So sad to end that way, but in a way it's better for Gillian. She had so much to put up with over the years, now she can grieve then get over it. She can have a happy life now. I'm sure you'll miss her though.