Wednesday, February 14, 2007

FO No. 6

This is the Baby Raglan Cardigan from the Baby Zhivago book. I finished it today, and it will be gifted to Paul's cousin who had a baby girl last night. That was good timing on my part I think.
Size: 6 months
Yarn: Baby Zhivago, 1 ball of white and 3 of pink
Started: 3rd February, Finished 14th February
This is a slip stitch pattern at the top where the white and pink mix, which makes a very firm fabric, so it should be great for winter time.
I also revisited Spotlight today and saw a few of their new yarns. I bought some new yarn, 8 ply pure new wool for $2.99 a ball. They have a lot of autumn colors like yellows, oranges, browns and reds and gray too. I grabbed a few colors for a few baby knits in boys colors. When Lachlan was little I found that you could really only buy blue, red and green but after today my knitted gifts are going to be quite different colors, and I really really like them. I think tomorrow I will go and buy some of the brights for the girl knits too, bright purples and different pinks too. The color selection is great. They did say that they are waiting on a lot more different yarns to come in so we shall see what new ones they bring into the store. I also finished the back of a baby jacket last night too, so onto the front today. I am trying to stay cool in the house with the airconditioning on, and I think the storm we are expecting is getting ready to arrive. I can hear the thunder already and it has turned quite dark outside. I hope that we get lots of rain before tonight finishes. Well I am off to pick out another pattern to knit up and finish a few other bits and pieces of some other knits too. Happy knitting everyone.
P.S. I have emailed everyone who sends me a comment, but for some reason on certain days it seems to reject them, so if you have not received one from me I am so sorry but it is getting rather annoying having some rejected and some not, so if you have commented I am extending a personal thank you for your wonderful comments, and hopefully sometime soon things will return back to normal with my emails.


Siow Chin said...

Love this design and the slipped stitch is a nice detail.

Katt said...

That cardigan is gorgeous! And I love the colours! There is Baby Zhivago wool!?!? Is it 8ply or smaller?

If you were the Susan that left a comment on my blog about the order person I am waiting for. No its not you. its someone else. You just put your order in. I have to get the wool to dye it first! lol


tiennie said...

That is a great cardigan! Lucky baby.

knitseashore said...

Just catching up on your posts -- what beautiful knits! That dress is so sweet and is going to look wonderful on the little girl.

Lucky you to find such a great sale with all the cotton yarn! Sometimes things were just meant to be. :)

Laura B said...

The pink and white are so cute together! Really pretty sweater!

PlumStitches said...

Adorable! And the buttons are so sweet.

sandra said...

Last year I knitted few thinkgs with that drop stitches and can say - I was hooked!
Cardi is adorable!

Little Sesame said...

Oh, this is so sweet. Love the colors as well as the slip-stitch yoke. Lucky little baby ;o)

monica said...

Your timing was perfect. I am sure the little babe will look lovely in it.

Penni said...

I just found out about baby zhivago last night, can't wait to try it! And the books looks great too.