Friday, February 23, 2007

Spring IK

I received my IK Spring issue today. How fast is that. I usually receive them a few months after I have seen everyone else get their issues. The picture on the left is the Cable Down Raglan designed by Stefanie Japel. It is knit from the top down in the round. Now I have never knitted anything in the round apart from a booga bag (and no it is still not finished, just waiting on the strap for the handle to be done) so I dont know how I would go knitting this up. I absolutely love it, and the sizing goes up to a 47" bust so it would easily fit me. I think this will have to be put in the plans to knit up this year, along with all the other WIP's. Seriously with all the projects that I have going, I think the only ones that end up finished are the ones I absolutely love or get the motivation back for them that I had when I started them in the first place. The WIP basket is probably thinking that it should go on a diet soon or otherwise it will end up with indigestion. Now that I have divulged all the ugly little secrets about my overflowing basket, I started a pair of socks two days ago. How far have I gotten - well I have just passed the heel last night on the first sock, so hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have it finished and casting on for the second one will have been done too. I am also making a bag for my knitting which I saw in an issue of Country Threads. My sister made one for my mum and I absolutely loved it, so now I am making my own one. I have cut all the pieces out so after the embroidery I will be able to sew it together. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it will turn out okay. Also a big THANK YOU to all you wonderful people out there who left comments on the gray jacket. I loved every one of them, and I did write back to you all so hopefully that email problem is sorted out by now and you all received my replies. If not, a personal thank you to you. Enjoy your weekend knitting and crafting too!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

I loved your grey cabled jacket so much. I started knitting my own.
Thank you for the inspiration.

Samantha said...

That beach looks so lovely. :)

I love that pullover too. The cables are lovely.

PS. Your grey cabled jacket looks wonderful. Great job. :)

Kate said...

Hope my copy is in the mail this week - mine always seems to take forever too.

PlumStitches said...

So many cute things in that issue of IK, I just picked one up last week. I really like the sweater you're showing!