Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kids and Kittens

Here are the kids and the kittens this morning before school in our bed. Bella is with Isabelle and always likes to snuggle up near you to go to sleep. Coco on the other hand usually lies down near your feet and goes to sleep, never near faces, unless she wants cuddle times, and then rubs her whole body against your head. Bella would sleep on the bed all day if I let her. She eats so much food that her little body bulges after she makes a piggy of herself. Coco usually just has a small bite to eat and then comes back later to finish it off, unless of course Bella has gobbled up her bowl full as well. Coco has now turned a beautiful black color, as all her kitten fur has come off, and the chocolate brown color has now all disappeared. They have now quietened down as I cant hear them wrestling each other. Bella has been sneaky lately. She likes to steal things out of Isabelle's room when we arent watching her. The other day Isabelle and I could hear this noise, and we turned around and here is Bella dragging a paint brush away down the hallway. I think she liked the bristles, but did not get to chew on it as Isabelle rushed over and took it back. Then a few moments ago, I just heard Bella dragging something else down the hallway, which turns out to be Isabelle's purple fluffy bird pen. She seems to like to find treasures to hide and chew on. I think from now on Isabelle will have to hide those things in her wardrobe so Bella cant jump up and take them.
Now since I have waffled on about the kittens for those of you who were interested, I do have knitting content, but no FO's just yet. Spotlight had cute little buttons and knitting needles for children too. The cat buttons I could not resist as they look so cute. I am sure that I will find a good use for them later on. The knitting needles were only $3 a pair. The rabbit ones are 4.5mm and the teddies are 5mm. They had different animals for different sizes. I loved the giraffe ones too, but they were a bit thick for Isabelle to handle. I will show you a photo of Isabelle's knitting one day. I promised her that when she had done a fair bit of progress on her scarf I would show you all. She really is good when she gets into the rhythmn of it too. Tomorrow I should have the stripey baby jumper finished, just one sleeve left to knit up and then seam it all together. Hopefully then I will finish the other green sock which has been waiting in the UFO basket, but at least it wont get too lonely in there with the other projects!


Katt said...

aaw what cute piccies!! Thanks for sharing those with us!

i got some kids knitting needles from Spotlight yonks ago. They dont look as cute as those...Might have to get the girls some more.


Saltwater purls said...

How sweet...I had cats who slept in my arms growing up...it's a great comfort.

Renee said...

Those kids knitting needles are cute. I don't know what Spotlight is but there must be a Canadian equivalent, right?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue

Those knitting needles are to cute. But not as cute as the kittens. What is it with cats and their urge to steal stuff. Ours has a hair bobbles obsession.
Bella must be artistic if she keeps going after pens and brushes.
Can you wash the cat buttons?
I have forgotten to save your e-mail address. Can you let me know please?

jessica said...

Love the pictures! kids and kittens, what can be sweeter?! I had a cat who use to steal my hair bands(the plain elastic circle ones) She would play with them and when she was done they would end up in her water dish. I ended up having to give her one or two and tie the rest up so she couldn't get at them!

those needles are too cute!

Sue H said...

How cute, the cat running away with Isobelle's stuff. Those buttons and needles are cute. Shame I don't have a young knitter to encourage at this stage.

Sandra said...

Looove those knitting/sewing goodies! And I am envy also!

Kendra said...

What sweet pictures. They all look so cosy.

Mimi said...

Love the kittens buttons! And the knitting needles are just a precious finding! Even the grown ups will want to knit with them. ;)