Saturday, March 17, 2007

Stitches And Craft Show - Caulfield

Isabelle and I popped into the Stitches and Craft Show this morning, whilst Paul was working in Brunswick.

I bought 2 patterns, one for the teddy in the bottom right hand corner, and little phone pouches to embroider. I can see some people getting phone pouches for xmas this year.

I also popped into a few of the yarn stalls and bought some Cocoon wool, for a baby jumper. It was only $4.95 a ball, and at Spotlight they sell it for $6.00. I also bought some new Tofutsie sock yarn from Eco Yarn in the gorgeous pink colors, and I also bought some Jigsaw sock yarn, in a brand new shade. Apparently they have released 4 new shades all with pink in them. They are all nice colors too.

And lastly the pink chenille which Isabelle chose for the teddy pattern in the first picture, and a yo yo maker. I am planning on making quite a few of these as I have seen some bags and purses made out of them and I think they look great. i did not go last year to the show so this I think I kept to my budget and did not go overboard.

Oh by the way if anyone knows of any place in Australia that sells those sock blockers could you please let me know.


Taphophile said...

Nice haul - looks like you had a good day. :) Someone on eBay was selling sock blockers recently but I can't find them now. Someone else might remember or have bookmarked it.

Sue H said...

I really wanted to go to the stitches and craft show, but as I haven't had much work since Christmas, and none at all last week, my purse (and bank account) is empty. I didn't think it would be being fair to myself to go and not be able to buy anything so I'll save up ready for next year.
Your purchases look great.

Rachel said...

I really like that Tofutsies color, though I've never seen it knit up. I hope you find sock blockers...I'm always on the fence about whether to get them. I'm sure I'll break down eventually, especially if more and more bloggers get them to show off their creations.

Katt said...

Helen (the winner of my last comp) sells sock blockers. She was the one that sold them on Ebay.

I got 2 balls of the new range Jigsaw sock wool (and yes both have pink) they are different to yours.

Nice haul you got there! Will be interesting to hear how the Tofutsie knits up.

Kate said...

OOh - lots of nice stuff, looks like a good craft show.

Helen said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog Sue.
I really wanted to go to the stitches & craft show too but unfortunately couldn't make it this time. Plus my stash is a bit big so I need to do some mega knitting to reduce it.

I am still selling sock blockers but not on ebay. If you want to send me email to helen AT greenmanor dot com dot au I can send you more info.

Saltwater purls said...

My goodness that is a lot of pink. I think the pink chenille teddy will be particularly sweet...lucky Isabel