Tuesday, April 10, 2007

FO No. 11

Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my blogiversary! You are all such wonderful friends to me, and I loved reading each and every one of them. It actually means a lot to me to have such wonderful blog friends like you. Tonight I will be drawing 2 names out and I will be posting the winners, so if you have not left a comment on the last post with your name do so now so I can include your name too.
Now onto the knitting!
Pattern: Basketcase socks
Started: Friday 6th March
Finished: Tuesday 10th March
Yarn: I think about 100 gms, 8 ply wool from The Knittery. I have not looked on the site to see what color it was that I ordered, and they did not have a label with them when I bought it so I will recheck the site and let you know what colorway it was if you would like to know. It is actually a mix of all different purples, which you cant really tell from the photo, and it was sunny in the room but the picture came out much darker than intended. I really enjoyed knitting these socks, but now have a small cut on my finger from pressing on the needle so much whilst knitting them, but I think these are going to be one of my favourites from now on when the weather cools down. So much for the Autumn weather, we are now back up to 27 degrees again, both yesterday and today so it does feel like Summer is still with us. I am sure from reading other blogs that you are having the same thing with snowy weather too. Now onto the next knitting project which will include some yellow yarn!


tiennie said...

Great job!

joyce said...

i wish i could whip socks up just like that! - i'm still new to sock knitting.

Dipsy said...

Your socks are so beautiful! What an awesome pattern, and the colour you were using looks so gorgeous and warm - great job indeed!

Katt said...

i like those. Great colour!

Ooh keep the heat up there! lol. I like it cooling down down here..


pamela wynne said...

these look so warm and cozy! and I love the stitch pattern.

Sue H said...

Nice socks, and you knit them so quickly too. Great job.
I'm sort of glad that the temp is back up around the 27 mark as I am going to Echuca at the weekend, and it will be better if it's still warm. ........I might even get to have a swim, and who would have thought of that for mid April??

Kate said...

Great socks! Congrats on the blogiversary!

Saltwater purls said...

Yummy pink socks

Congradulations on your blogaversary