Monday, May 21, 2007

Pink and Green, Pink and Green!

are Project Spectrum colors arent they. Well it seems that I cant get enough of them at the moment. Over the weekend I started 2 new projects, yes 2. I know the shame of it all and not finishing the other one that is so close to being finished too. First up is a baby blanket from a Sirdar book that I bought a few months ago now. I am using acrylic yarn, yes acrylic for a cot blanket, but is not rough or squeaky to knit with, and the colors are so pretty. I started knitting this one yesterday and completed about 30 rows of the pattern which is an easy one to remember.

I also started the long cardigan on the front cover of Special Family Knits on Friday night too. This one is for Isabelle and as you can see I have done just past the armholes. After all of this knitting, my shoulder and neck have been aching, so today I dont plan to do too much knitting as I want the pain to subside a bit. I had good news too last night when I phoned my aunt. We speak every few months, and she informed me that one of my cousins is having a baby, but wait for it, they are due next month and dont know what they are having. I will have to wait for her call to see what they have and then I can make something special for the baby. They already have a 2 year old daughter called Jindalee, so I cant wait to see what they name this baby. I will probably knit something for Jindalee too, as when they had her I had no time to knit anything and sent something store bought. I am so excited to be able to make them something, and perhaps I can knit something different that I havent made yet. Paul's friend's baby is due next month too, and then his cousin is due in August, so it seems that I will get to do a lot more baby knitting which I always enjoy making. Maybe I will just get out the baby books today and browse through some patterns to make and hopefully reduce my stash too. I hope you all have a wonderful crafty day!


Katt said...

knitting looks great..LOVE the colours in the baby blanket..what brand acrylic is that?

Seems everyone is either just having babies..or are due before the end of the year! I know a few I have to knit for


PlumStitches said...

You are such a speedy knitter! Can't wait to see both projects completed.

Samantha said...

Very nice! :) I love the colours in that blanket.

I have to knit another blanket soon too ... my little guy will be needing a red one. :)