Saturday, August 18, 2007


Hello everyone! The knitting has recommenced, although I never really stopped, I wasnt as enthused as usual about it. Two days ago I decided to knit up a quick little project to get my mojo back and I think it has worked.
Pattern: Monica from Knitty
Size: 6 years
Yarn: Cotton Ease - Not quite 1 skein of each color
Started: Thursday afternoon and finished sewing it up today.
Overall I really loved knitting this pattern, and it knit up so quickly too. The straps are the perfect length, which I was a bit worried about. I just estimated the length for Isabelle and it was just right. She has taken to wearing it now and wont take it off (dont you love it when they do that). She also had a haircut yesterday and got quite a bit snipped off, so now her curls have returned.

Lachlan also got motivated yesterday and weeded the old vegie garden (I should have taken a before photo) and has now planted some garlic, cucumbers, silverbeet, carrots, and snowpeas. I will try and remember to take a photo when it all starts growing so you can see some progress. I cant wait for some fresh vegies from the garden. I hope that he keeps weeding it too, as I think it will be good for him. Last year he planted some vegies, and after 2 weeks lost interest so it was left to me. I dont mind weeding as long there arent hundreds of them to do. If I keep an eye on it it should be okay. Oh and the postman dropped off some parcels yesterday in front of the letterbox inside of the fence. Luckily I was home otherwise it would have been ruined from the rain we had yesterday, or it could have been stolen. I think the post office needs to take more care with delivering parcels so they dont get damaged or stolen. I received my copy of Charmed Knits which is a really good book and great for any HP fan. Isabelle loves the wizard robe in it, and Lachlan likes Errol the owl. I quite like the bookmarks and Hermoine hat.

Also I bought Easy Knits for Kids which has quite a few nice patterns in it for young children. I really liked this book when I read about it a few months ago in a knitting magazine. It has some lovely patterns in it and nothing looks too complicated. I am waiting on some more knitting books to come, and fingers crossed that they arrive next week. I did order a third book with these two so I am waiting to hear whether it was sent with them or whether they were still waiting for it. Well that is it for now, must go and sort out some other things to finish up and cross off the list. Happy knitting!!!


2paw said...

Isabelle looks lovely in Monica. I think they truly love something if they refuse to stop wearing it!!!

Kate said...

Gorgeous little top - great colours!

Corrie said...

uh oh whenever I read about your knitting books I feel compelled to go and buy some! uh oh look out

I looooove that top! wonder what sizes its looks a cute but also grown up at the same time...and we love curls in this household

Lavender Vablatsky said...

What a cute little top! Isabell looks very nice with her new hair cut :O) How fun, new books! I can't wait to see what you knit next, oh and I like the way raven is comming along, very interesting cables!

jessica said...

oops sorry that last one was me! I forgot to switch google accounts.

ferg said...

Hello Sue, Isabelle looks gorgeous in anything you make for her.
I have got some new pics to send soon about my lifestyle.A city flat and a country cabin. My brother and Anita and their son Martyn are coming to stay in the van next weekend.
Big cheers for now

Sue H said...

Love that top that Isabelle is wearing, am going into knitty now to get the pattern. Think I'll knit one for Maisy (Natalie's) and Jayda. Maybe even a couple of other little girls I know. Hmmm, will make excellent Christmas pressies.

julie said...

Isabelle looks great in the new top - it's so nice when they actually appreciate all your hardwork!

Larry said...

So cute! How nice to have someone who loves it when she gets a new top or toy or whatever her mom makes. I think I need a little one to knit for. Not that my fully grown daughter doesn't love the things I make for her.

Thanks for the encouragement on my worry with the a/c. I'm still waiting for the guys to get it done. But I did manage to just go away and play on the computer without fretting while they were here on Saturday. The cat is a whole other story.

Laura B said...

What a fun knit and how fantastic it feels when your knits are appreciated!

JL said...

I am sure she is happy wearing it.

very nice colour too!

Christina said...

Monica looks wonderful. It must be nice to knit something your daughter wants to wear. We have lots of cottonease around here, so maybe Charlotte will get one next summer.