Friday, November 23, 2007

Some new projects

to start knitting on soon, although I must finish off a few Christmas gifts first. I have nearly finished my Christmas shopping too, only about 5 more presents to buy, and they are always the hardest ones too. So onto some new projects from the new DB Cashmerino Collection book which is full of gorgeous gorgeous patterns for children and women, (sorry no men's patterns). First up is Rebecca which I really really want to knit. It is a lacey pattern and we all know that I dont knit lacey patterns (first time for everything right) and it goes up to 6-7 years, so I can knit it for Isabelle, although the 5-6 years will have plenty of room so maybe that is a much better idea. It is so pretty too and I can see her wearing it over her dresses.

Next up is Lena from the same book. I really love this and I have some Bendigo yarn which was going to be another project but didnt quite work out, so I am sure I can use the yarn for this project. It looks so lovely and it is in my size which is always a bonus. There are lots of other patterns in this book that I really love, and I am considering knitting Romy for my sister, but not until next year as it will take a little while with all the cables in it. I bought my copy from the Wool Shack and they do show photos of all the projects in the book so sneak on over and take a peek. I did get some other books too. I bought the Jo Sharp Issue 5 which has some really beautiful patterns in it, much better than the last issue and I also bought the IK winter issue which has some nice projects too.

I also knit up a toddler sized hat yesterday from Adorable Knits for Tots. Someone on ravelry had knit the ear flap hat without the earflaps so I decided to omit them too and just knit the cabled hat section. I think it turned out wonderfully well. The color is washed out again (ugh) so it should be a nice olive color instead of the washed out gray color. This one will be a Christmas gift for my parent's neighbour's son. I used to babysit for her when I was a teenager, and now both her sons have little boys so I always knit them something for Christmas. She even asked my mum if I could make something for her grandson and she is going to pay me for it. She wants a hooded jacket so I am sure I can find something suitable to knit up for him.
I also should be able to finish off my garter stitch scarf for my sister today too as Isabelle is home sick with bronchitis and both ears are infected too. After having a small cough for nearly 2 weeks I knew we had to visit the doctor's today. She now has some antibiotics so hopefully by Monday she will feel better. We have a 40th to go to tomorrow night too which is Paul's brother's party and his wife's so I dont think I will be going anywhere with Isabelle not feeling well. She gets very clingy when she is sick so I dont think she will stay with my mum without me there. Perhaps I can drop Paul off and pick him up again later on after a few hours as his sister is going to be there and we dont get to see her very often. Oh and I nearly forgot to tell you that hopefully most of the bad luck is over with now as Lachlan's little skink Inky passed away. Lachlan looked in on him to feed him and he was dead. I didnt see him as Paul and Lachlan had already buried him when I got home. Now fingers crossed that nothing else pops up to disrupt us for the time being. I am off to the couch to sit and knit whilst Isabelle hopefully gets some much needed rest. Have a wonderful weekend!


Nora said...

Both patterns are beautiful - thanks for the inspiration. :)

Dipsy said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Isabelle is sick - sending over lots and lots of good wishes and positive energies, hope she'll be better very, very soon!
I absolutely love the new patterns that you chose from the book - especially the "Rebecca" one is so gorgeous! I'm sure you won't have any problems with the lace - it's just a matter of getting the "knack" of the pattern, so to say - the first rows are always pretty complicated, but then it'll just flow along! Looking forward to seeing your progress pics!

Maryann said...

Oh thanks for the inspirations and link to that new DB book. The patterns are so nice and wearable, I must definitely get one for myself!
And I hope Isabel will get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike. Noor really likes Rebecca and has asked me if I could knit it for her. I am sure I'll be able to size up the pattern.
Also Romy is something I want to knit for myself.I think both patterns are straight forward once you go past the first 20-30 rows.
Have a nice weekend and I hope everybody is feeling ok again.

Sam said...

I can't wait to see you get started on Lena -- it's lovely.