Thursday, January 17, 2008

2008 FO No 3

Pattern: Lynton from Rowan Coast book
Size: smallest
Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills - Pink Opal (about 10 balls)
Started: December 2007, finished January 16

I knit this for my sister's birthday, which was a surprise to her as i told her she would receive another present but did not give a clue as to what it was. She was quite happily surprised yesterday when I gave it to her. The shawl pin is still at my dad's as he was staining it for me and had gone away for a few days, so I have told her to get it from his house when he returns today. She tried it on right away and it fits perfectly too. Now I can finish off a few other knits that have been languishing in the UFO basket. It does feel good to finish a few items.

Lachlan's sleepover for his birthday went well too. The boys ate pizza and had cake, stayed up all night playing video games and talking. We went to bed about 11:00 so I am sure they stayed up until midnight. Luckily Lachlan's birthday is always over the school holidays so it doesnt matter if they go to sleep late. He got lots of phone calls from relatives too, and is quite happy to have received money for presents. He is at that age where no-one really knows what to buy for him so it is easier for him to buy his own presents. I am glad that Isabelle prefers presents to money at her age. I think it is much nicer, and she always loves handmade things too. The boys have gone out for a few hours to give me a nice peaceful rest for a few hours (hopefully) as they are so loud and noisy all together. I do like that Lachlan has really good friends, and I do hope that they stay friends as they get older too. Now I am off to clean up the house a bit from the boys, and try and finish off some more knitting.


Kate said...

Lovely! What a great present.

Rebecca said...

You are knitting so fast at the moment! Great surprise gift!

Lynne said...

Love the colour! And your tension is so even - well done!

Corrie said...

oh my gosh how can you have finished 3 items already and we're still in january! you are a knitting machine! I always look to you for inspiration to finish my projects!

well done! its cute!


tiennie said...

Very pretty! Glad the party went well!

amanda j said...

Happy belated birthday to Lachlan! I am glad the party went well - you are a braver woman than me. We have never done the sleepover and Purl is going to be 15 in May. I might have to give in this year.

Katt said...

love the knitting you have done so far this year (then all knitting you do).

Glad to hear Lachlan had a great sleep over.

Anonymous said...

hello sue, thanks for coming by the blog. your knitting FOs are awesome.

As for me, yeah, just got the knitting bug :) It's all thanks to Ravelry - actually I think i spend more time browsing than making stuff.

And nice to know another Victorian :)

Louise said...

You are such a quick knitter! I love this one and I'll bet your sister was thrilled.