Thursday, January 24, 2008

2008 FO No 5

It feels so nice to have a few items finished which were left over from last year. This hoodie was intended for my niece but I left it so late I didnt finish it. I pulled it out a few weeks ago and finished it up for Isabelle.
Pattern: Plain sweater with hood, size 7-8 years (71cms)
Yarn: Acrylic yarn from Big W, multicolored, about 3 100gm balls
Started: Sometime in 2007, finished 24th January 2008

I did a few little changes to the original. I omitted the pockets. I knit 8 rows ribbing for the sleeves and the bottom as st st would have kept rolling up. I also added a butterfly motif instead of knitting a heart one. Isabelle tried it on for the photo and then took it off as it was a bit warm yesterday to be wearing a sweater. I do think that I should have knitted a few more rows to the length as always Isabelle is tall and it could have been longer. Sorry for the blurry photo too, I never realised until it appeared on the post. Isabelle has popped over to my parent's house for a little one on one time without her brother, so I am sure in a few hours time she will be back. I am going to try and put a few items (toys) away so that the house looks a bit tidier than it has been for the last few weeks.


Ingrid said...

The colour looks great on Isabelle...and I think the length is fine (unless she keeps growing of course :) )

amanda j said...

Isabelle is such a willing model! She looks good in pink!

Karen said...

You are really whipping out those FO's. Another beautiful sweater!

Anonymous said...

That looks great. It has all the hallmarks for being a favourite sweater. Soon when it gets when it gets cooler you may have a hard time getting it off her.

tiennie said...

She looks very happy with it! Very pretty!

Sue said...

Thank goodness you had someone else who would fit into that sweater, and it looks so nice on Isobell too.

Sandra said...

Wish my kids would look sooooo happy in handknitted items made by me!
Butterfly was great idea! Looove it!

Heather said...

Wow, My 5 yo loves and a butterfly the only thing better to here would be a hannah picture:)
Thanks for the support on my parking lot hell.
Hope your enjoying the summer 21degrees farenheit here today:(

jessica said...

So cute! Lucky girl;o)