Saturday, February 16, 2008

2008 - FO No 7 & 8

Fo No 7 - Top Knot Beanie from Moda Issue 6
Size - 8 to 10 years
Yarn - Color 4 Me DK, teal, light blue and dark blue
1 of each color
I knit this in a few hours last night after seeing the knitting book at my LYS. It has a lot of great patterns in it too, not just hats. Isabelle didnt want the top knot on it, so I shortened the hat by one layer of color and just knit 2 instead of 3 and decreased down to 4 sts instead of knitting the top knot. I am hoping she will wear this to school on those chilly mornings to keep her ears warm.

FO No 8 - Another fave hat pattern - Striped Hat from Baby Cashmerino 2.
The brown one is knit in cotton Yarn Bee from Spotlight, variegated browns and 4 ply white cotton. It is the 18-24 mth size.
The second one is cotton Yarn Bee from Spotlight in a variegated pink and green color with the 4 ply white cotton too. It is the 9 - 18 month size.
They didnt really use up much yarn but I really loved the way the variegated yarn goes in the stripes with the white. We discovered last week that Spotlight was getting rid of the cotton for $1 a ball. The cotton seems to go a long way too.
I am also knitting a second adult sweater for Lachlan or Paul, whichever one wants to wear it. I am hoping that Lachlan will like this zippered sweater and it isnt too heavy for him to wear, otherwise Paul will claim it for himself. I have already finished the back of it in 2 days so I am hoping the front knits up just as quickly too.
I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day. Paul and I have never celebrated it, but Isabelle did make us little Valentine cards with smiley faces on them. I have mine sitting on my bedside drawer. It was so sweet of her considering she was home from school, and she was also unwell with a 24 hour virus. Thankfully only a runny nose and a temperature, although she did lose her voice for a little while too. She seems all better now after having 2 days rest.
Oh and I have noticed all the aussie blogs with the Sorry on them for the aboriginals whose generations were stolen from their families. I am so glad that Kevin Rudd decided to have the guts to do that, as it seems John Howard had no intention of ever doing that whatsoever. I discovered only a few years back that my great grandfather was aboriginal. He has 8 children with my great grandmother and then left when my grandfather was 15. I dont think he contacted his family after that, and my mum's cousin tried to do the family tree but got no further as he was told the aboriginal members would not discuss it. I dont know if that is the real reason but one day I would like to learn more about that part of our family. Well back to knitting for now and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


amanda j said...

Genealogy research can be so much fun, and also so frustrating! I have hit brick walls all around now!

Gorgeous knitting AGAIN!

Rhonda said...

The hats are great. And they knit up so fast too!

Katherine said...

I like the hats - your daughter looks beautiful in hers (jam and all).

The funny thing about genealogy research is that you never know what surprises are out there - it's very interesting, I think. So we've linked into slaves, a murderer, and a few people who married their cousins.

Lynne said...

I had some fun at Spotlight's clearance sale too! Ten balls of cotton for dyeing and some acrylic. At Lincraft I bought 10x100g of acrylic - also for dyeing.

Genealogy is very interesting; I have loved the show on SBS called "Who do you think you are?" They had Cathy Freeman a couple of weeks ago and she found some surprises in her Aboriginal family history.

tiennie said...

Great hats! Your background sounds so interesting. I hope you are able to find out more about your aboriginal side.

Corrie said...

ohhh you're so busy! I love that baby cashmerino pattern and what a bargain with the wool!

I nearly picked up the moda book, I love the patterns, very trendy so is your model!

well done

Kate said...

Those hats are adorable! Great bargain yarn. I love that show on SBS too - makes me think about my own ancestors and what I don't know about them.

Ann said...

The baby hats are lovely. I must knit some of these as there are 4 babies on the way from now to June. Thanks for the inspiration.

Erna said...

Oh those babyhats are so cute! And they look so comfy and warm :)

Sandra said...

Isabelle is irresistible while eating!
Well, for years I am planning to knit my hubby sweater with zipper - hope one day will!

Anonymous said...

Isabella looks great with her new hat. We both knitted new hats for our daughter(s). Great minds think alike!

Amanda said...

I do the genealogy thing too, and boy can it be frustrating sometimes. So addictive though.
Great hats by the way!

Oiyi said...

The hats look great!

amanda said...

Adorable hats - I love the stripes!

PlumStitches said...

great picture of Isabelle!