Friday, March 21, 2008

FO No. 13

Pattern: Ski Beanie from Son of Stitch N Bitch
Yarn: Spotlight Merino, light blue and denim
Started: 18 March 2008 Finished: 19 March 2008
I knit this beanie for Lachlan. It didnt use up much yarn and I still have nearly half of the denim color left over. The light blue ball you cant even tell that I used any of it. Lachlan was camping with the school up at Daylesford and it does get cold up there during the night so I decided to knit it up. I think it looks great on him too. Isabelle has decided that she likes it too and wants one in pink and purple although it is baggy on her when she wears it.
Both the kids are now on school holidays for two weeks so we shall try and do some fun things together with friends over the break. I really would love to go and see the Spiderwick Chronicles, although neither Lachlan or I have read the books as yet. Horton hears a Who looks great too, and I have seen many previews of it and read the book.
I have nearly finished a little cardigan for Lachlan's friend's baby sister Felicity and I have started a few more girl knits too. Trying to keep up with the baby population is a busy one for the last few years and is continuing to be so. I love knitting them though. Hopefully I will have another FO by the weekend, and if I dont then I do hope that you all have a wonderful wonderful Easter!


amanda j said...

Lachlan looks great in his beanie! Can you believe it's school holidays again? Where does time go?

You are powering through the knitting Sue! Amazing!

claudine said...

Looks great, Sue! I just love all the kids knits you've been churning out. Happy Easter and hope you have a fun school holidays!

Katherine said...

Great hat! (Have I ever told you how much I love your kids' names?)

So you might finish something else by the weekend? Man, you're good. : )

Bertha said...

Wow, I love the stitch on that hat!

tiennie said...

That is a cool ski beanie! Great color!

Katt said...

love that beanie..looks great! love the colours

Lynne said...

"Horton Hears a Who" was one of my favourite books to read my Year 1 class [many years ago] - even along with its precursor: "Horton the Elephant Hatches an Egg". I love Dr Seuss - my all time favourite is "The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins"