Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Paul!

Today is Paul's 39th birthday so officially we are now the same age. I have the upper hand being 6 months older which is a yearly joke between us. I dont really have many photos of Paul (which I will need to rectify) as he hates having his photo taken. This one is at one of Isabelle's birthday parties with our nephew Benjamin waiting to blow out the candles on the cake too. Paul will be at work on his birthday and couldnt really care less if we have cake or not. Friday I am going to cook him something nice so the kids and I can spoil him then and relax for the weekend.
On another note Paul's grandmother is having her hip replaced today too so my thoughts are with her as I know she was a bit worried about the operation. She is 83 so I guess at that age you do worry. I am sure she will be fine as she still gets around everywhere and her mind is great too. She seems to think the anaesthetic will diminish her memory for some reason!
The knitting is going well. I started knitting Jake for my nephew's birthday which falls on Good Friday this year and I only have the front and the neckband to complete. I am hoping it will be finished by Friday so fingers crossed. I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful day too!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday wishes for Paul.
All the best and a speedy recovery for his Granny.
With love, Karin and Family

PlumStitches said...

Happy Birthday to Paul! My husband's grandmother fell and broke her hip just after the New Year and she's 93. She's done really well - I think it's the will to want to recover. In the states they get you up immediately after hip replacements, so hopefully she has a quick recovery and is better than ever!

tiennie said...

Happy Birthday Paul! Wishing his grandmother all the best.

Lynne said...

Happy birthday to Paul.

Hope the hip operation was a success.

You are so organised, almost finshed a gift not needed for more than two weeks - well done!

Amanda said...

Hope Paul had a great birthday and that everything went with his grandmother.
I'm beginning to think you are a knitting machine the way you're churning out the FO's!

Katherine said...

Happy belated birthday to Paul! I do hope his grandmother is doing well.

You really are quick with the knitting. Thank you for mentioning Jake - I knit that a long time ago for Liam but in a huge size. After reading your post I dug it out and it fits! Phew!

amanda j said...

Happy birthday Paul!

My husband is older than me by two months but everyone always thinks he's much younger! He leads an easy life!

Ingrid said...

Happy Birthday Dave. Thinking positive thoughts for his grandmums operation.

Oiyi said...

Happy Birthday!

Katt said...

belated happy birthday to Paul

Hope he had a great day

jessica said...

I'm sure its really late but happy birthday to paul.... its been too long since I've checked in on you... Love the latest FO's, kite and flourence, so so pretty!

I like your new look too! I'll be sure to check back soon, take care Sue!