Saturday, April 12, 2008

2008 - FO No. 16

Pattern: Frilled Dress, Baby Knits book by Lois Daykin

Size: 9-12 months, Started on 8th April and finished on the 12th of April.

Yarn: TLC Cara Mia, burgundy/rose color, 1.75 balls (100 gm balls)

Needle Sizes: 3.5 mm and 4mm needles

I really loved knitting up this little dress and the ruffles were so easy too. They are my favourite part of the dress. I omitted the pockets from the back though because I didnt think them necessary and I think it looks just as nice without them. The photos do tend to look a bit fuzzy though, and I dont know whether it is because it is overcast today or my batteries are getting low.

I am nearly finished another small sweater so hopefully tomorrow I can show it here. I was planning on finishing it today, but Isabelle had her first birthday party of the year (many more to come like last year I assume), and we found out that she has an allergy to ponies. She was brushing the pony and her eye swelled up and went all red and horrible. Luckily the party mum has 3 kids with allergies and had some phernergen (is that how you spell it) so it made the swelling ease off a bit. It has been a few hours now and she seems happy and her eye seems much better too. No more pony rides for this girl in future just to be on the safe side.

Paul's grandmother is starting rehabilitation next week and has just been moved to the other nicer hospital (and I am still not going in to get over my fear as Paul would say) so I will see her when she comes out. It will take a few weeks as her left side was affected and I am sure it will take quite a while too considering her age. I am hoping it will go well for her as she is usually such a bubbly funny lady so it breaks my heart seeing her like that. I dont want any more anxiety attacks so Paul will visit with the kids.

I also am having my first job interview on Monday. I have not worked full time since I had Isabelle which will be 7 years next month, so this is the first real interview I have had. I do hope I dont stuff it up as it is in Melton which will be very handy, and the extra cash would be good too with everything going up with the interest rates.

Oh and thank you so much for all your lovely concerns about Paul's grandma too and the comments about the eyelet vest too. I really loved reading them. Enjoy your weekend!


Katherine said...

Good luck in the job interview - that's great!

And I loooove that dress. I swear, I want to knit everything you knit. I can't imagine why it would need pockets though. : )

Poor Isabelle! I didn't know ponies were something to be allergic to (sounds like quite a party). I hope she's all better by now. And hugs to you, okay?

Bertha said...

Oh my gosh, that dress is ADORABLE!

Charity said...

Oh, that dress is so sweet! :0)

Meg said...

Oh I love the dress! And having seen it with the pockets, I think I like the dress with them omitted!

Good luck with your interview on Monday! Can't complain about extra cash!

Sam said...

Oh those frills are very cute indeed. The dress is adorable.

claudine said...

The dress is adorable, Sue (and so is that mauve jumper!) Good luck in your job interview, I hope it goes well!!

Judy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the nice comment. I love this dress and the cabled sweater! The colors are yummy. Congrats on your second blogiversary!

ingrid said...

The ruffles are the cutest thing! Good luck on the job interview

tiennie said...

This is darling!

Good luck with your interview. I hope Paul's grandma is doing well.

Oiyi said...

That is a beautiful dress!