Sunday, April 6, 2008

I Cant Believe It's April!

This year is flying by so quickly just like last year. I would like it not to rush by so fast as I would like to feel as though I have more time to do things and knit. The kids go back to school tomorrow, yay for some peace and quiet, boo for early mornings again. We had some horrible weather this week so we didnt really do much outside. Lachlan finally got his birthday present, his Wii game and has been playing it everyday. Great for exercise. I really like the baseball and bowling, not so much the tennis as I tend to hit the ball outside the lines.
A little group of visitors were in my next door neighbour's fruit trees yesterday while I was hanging out the washing. They were so noisy and I thought there were only 2 of them, but then they flew off after their snack and there were 6 of them. This one kept sitting on top of the tree and looking over. I think they are parrots of some sort, not really sure, but they are so vibrant and colorful. We have been seeing more of these around the area lately along with the galahs and cockatoos. I really love watching them.

I also bought some new books, and have only had a chance to photograph 2 of them. I will have to gather the others and take some photos. I have decided that 2008 will be the year that I teach myself to crochet. I really love those little crocheted toys and this book has 2 really lovely ones, a bear and a kitty which I really want to make. There are a few other goodies in there too which are quite cute.

I also finally got my copy of Louisa Harding's new book, The Wonderful World According to Miss Millie. I am knitting a striped cardigan for Isabelle called Venezia. I am using some stash yarn Zara, in a color light blue and aqua. They look great together, although my mum did say it looked like those baby cardigans that I made which were stripey.
I have also joined a KAL, Elisa's Nest Tote, which is a string like market bag, so I should have started it already but as always am trying to knit a few other items first. I really enjoyed the CPH knitalong so I am hoping this one will be lots of fun too.
Onto other news, which is very sad. Paul's grandmother had her hip operation which went very well. She came home and was feeling great, but yesterday Paul's brother rang to let us know that she is in hospital again. She had a mini stroke and then a heart attack and was home alone. Her neighbour checked in on her and found her on Thursday. She is stable so we will visit her tomorrow night. I feel really bad because she only lives 10 minutes drive away from us. Apparently we were given keys to her house so that if anything happened a number was called and the agency would contact us, and we did not receive any calls from them. Perhaps they were not contacted in this instance, but I feel as though we should have checked in on her. I thought that some of the relatives were there with her to be quite honest but they must have gone home thinking she could cope on her own. I really do worry about her and I am hoping that she will be okay. We did ring the hospital this morning and they said she was stable so I will keep sending good vibes. I really do not like visiting hospitals, the only time I can handle them is to visit a new baby. I remember my grandfather hating hospitals and he had to go in to have cataracts removed from his eyes quite a few times. Now I know why he didnt like them much.
I will post again on Tuesday after the hospital visit tomorrow, and it will be my 2 year blogiversary then too. Hopefully lots of great news, see you then.


Donna said...

What a gorgeous bird! How lucky you are to have them in your back yard.

Sorry to hear about the grandmother's hip. It is sad how often difficulties follow hip surgery with older people. We will send good thoughts your way.

dizzyjadey said...

Hope the grandmother gets better...I share your sentiments on hospitals, too. Too many sad associations.

On a lighter note, hooray for the end of school holidays and new craft books. I'm eyeing your crochet book. The cover looks very cute!

sweetp said...

I am sorry to hear about your grandmother xxx

08 is my learn to crochet year too. THose books look great.

Kate said...

I know what you mean about hospitals. My Nan is in hospital at the moment and it's too far away to visit, but I really don't think I could deal with seeing her in there in the way she is. I hope yours is recovering.

Lynne said...

We, too, have rainbow lorrikeets visiting the next door garden everyday! They're quite noisy, aren't they?

Sorry to hear about Paul's grandmother.

Corrie said...

what lovely books....ohhh I'm hoping to learn to crochet this year too. So sorry to hear about the grandmother and praying she gets is a worry when they live on their own but I know its important for their independance...hoping everything is ok


claudine said...

So sorry to hear about Paul's grandmother. I hope she recovers soon!

Amanda said...

I share the hospital thing too. It's not nice. Let's hope grandmother is better and home soon.