Friday, May 23, 2008

I've Been Movie Memed!

The lovely Beth tagged me for a meme so I thought I would participate, not that I actually go to the movies a lot, so here goes:

1. One movie that made you laugh - The Bee movie.
2. One movie that made you cry - King Kong - I hate movies where they hurt animals
3. One movie that you loved as a child - The Wizard of Oz. I always remember waiting for Dorothy to turn into color from the black and white part.
4. One movie you've seen more than once - As Good As It Gets.
5. One movie you loved, but were embarrased to admit it - None that I can think of.
6. One movie you hated - Ooh I didnt like The Castle (perhaps Paul watching it over and over had something to do with that)
7. One movie that scared you - Oh I agree with Beth on this one, those awful Hannibal movies.
8. One movie that bored you - I am sure there is one but I cant think of it at the moment.
9. One movie that made you happy - Oh Narnia was a great movie and I had read all the books when I was younger so it was nice to see them made into film.
10. One movie that made you miserable - King Kong.
11. One movie that you werent brave enough to see - Oh The Ring movies, too scary.
12. One movie characted you've fallen in love with - Oh the fawn from Narnia, he was so sweet underneath it all.
13. The last movie you saw: The Golden Compass and Enchanted. Both great!
14. The next movie you hope to see: Ooh perhaps the next Indiana Jones, Prince Caspium and definately Harry Potter when it is released.
15. Now tag 5 people. These lovely ladies - Kate, Jessica, Sandra, Tiennie, and Jade.

The knitting is still continuing, alas with no photos at the moment. I hope to rectify that over the weekend though. I have finished the front of my dad's sweater, nearly finished the back of Isabelle's cabled sweater and halfway through another sweater, Brambling, for Isabelle too.

My mum and I went for a visit at Stitchery Blue this morning. They have moved into larger premises and it is their 6th birthday today too, so I was lucky enough to find some really lovely books that I had been looking for with 15%. Yarn was 20% off and the sale goes until 9:00pm tonight. They sell all the rowan yarns, sublime yarns, debbie bliss, and colinette yarns too. If you are ever in the Williamstown area it is always worth stopping by to have a look. My mum bought some arucania sock yarn and received 20% off and the color she chose was a really lovely mix of blues. I wish I had bought some of it too now looking back. Oh well, always an excuse to visit again. I will have to now go and get organised before I pick Isabelle up from school and head to my parents for Friday fish and chip night. Oh I must say I loved all the wonderful beautiful comments on Isabelle's cabled bolero too. Thanks so much!!!


Denise said...

That's a fun meme, I haven't been tagged with that one, but I might do it anyway :)
Have a super weekend.

tiennie said...

How about if I just tell you my fav movies? Sound of Music, Serenity, Ever After, Dan in Real Life are a few!

claudine said...

Oh yes that's a fun meme, I love movies :) I have to agree with you on The Ring movies, I saw one and it was way too scary!

dizzyjadey said...

That's a great meme, Sue! We, too watch a lot of movies, so thanks for the tag.

Kate said...

Thanks Sue - a fun meme! I'll try to get to it soon.

inoriz said...

*waves hi!*

Manoute said...

I hope you had a nice weekend (a movie maybe ;0)). I can't wait to see some pictures of your knitting.

Sandra said...

due to stolen e-mail identity I forgot ybout being tagged! In next entry, honey!