Friday, August 22, 2008

Socks and A Sunnyboy!

Now dont be shocked, yes I do actually knit something other than kids knits. This is the progress of my Uptown Boot sock which is quite an easy pattern and looks great too. I think I am addicted to it. The green Cascade sock yarn is quite lovely to knit with, and yes those dpns I bought are truly wonderful, so light and easy to use and no slipping off of stitches either. I am so glad that I bought them, a great investment.

Next to my sock is a sunnyboy pouch which Buttontree Lane sells on her etsy store. I have ordered 2 more as Christmas pressies for my sister and my mum. The sock can actually fit in that bag too, it justs looks smaller because the sock is in front. It is actually quite big and roomy. She has a lot of other fabrics too which are fantastic so if you feel like spoiling just pop on over and see her shop. I think she is refilling her store next week. Hopefully my sock should be finished today or tomorrow. All this wet weather has made me feel like sitting and knitting and not ironing, which is the household chore I dislike the most, perhaps because it piles up so quickly around here. Must do some later on, after a bit more sock knitting I think.

I have also been reading - The Memory Keeper's Daughter was an intriguing book and a bit sad too, but I could see both sides of the character's lives. I devoured that book in 2 days so it was great.

- Stephanie Pearl McPhee Casts Off, a great read so far and funny. I didnt like her Knitting Rules book for some reason and didnt even finish reading it. This one is much better like her earlier one that I read.

Next up I am reading the second book to Fablehaven. My son read it in 2 days. We read the first one which was fantastic, a bit like Spiderwick Chronicles I think. If you have children around the 10 year old age and up I definately advise they read that book if they like fantasy stories. Isabelle is waiting until she can read a bit better, perhaps when she is 8 to read those books so she will understand the words a bit better. So far she has read 11 books of her fairy series, and there are 63 books. They are supposed to be for 8 and over but she loves reading them. If she doesnt know a word she asks me what it is and then later on tells me what has been happening in the books which is great. I love that my children have a desire to read novels like I do. I am going to order the new Harry Potter book, Beedle the Bard, and the new Eldest book too for Lachlan for Christmas.

Thank you all too for the lovely wonderful things you said about the wrap cardigan. I am hoping to get to the post office today so that I can mail it off. Have a wonderful weekend.


Noeysmommy said...

Hi Sue! Nice to hear from you! What a cute little bag.

Melinda said...

Your sock looks great so far! I love the shade of green.

Hilary said...

Ooooh...nice pouch, and gorgeous sock! I love the color.

tiennie said...

That book was a hard one to read. Sad. I do like books that make you think - like that one did!

sweetp said...

I have sunnyboy envy! I keep seeing them on blogs, they look so cool!

Its great your kids are into reading. My oldest is the only one reading so far. Shes into fairy books too!

Heather said...

Nice sock, love the color! We are on Magic tree house books and The Ramona books which are so funny, but boy I get tired of reading 30-40 pages a night!!!! I am going to have check out the other fantasy books you suggested!

Sandra said...

How do you find time to breathe?


Stramenda said...

I just love the Etsy store, great buy ! The sock is looking great too.