Saturday, September 27, 2008

Busy Busy

We have been enjoying the first week of school holidays. First up Isabelle had swimming lessons for 5 days and has improved greatly in her swimming. We saw a few friends at the pools too which was nice to catch up with.

Secondly Daisy (who had returned after 8 months away and we thought had died) came back to have 2 tiny new kittens on Wednesday morning. They are so cute and very active babies too, they dont stop wriggling. We will need to find new homes for them just before Christmas. We dont know what the sexes are yet as it much better to decide when they are a few weeks old.

My 2 school friends turned up on Wednesday with their children for a little get together. They are on the left and middle of the above photo. I hadnt seen them for quite a while so it was good to see all the kids together and playing well together too. We went to the local park down the road and they rode scooters and played on the playground. When we got back they played cricket in the front yard which was fun for all of them.

Thursday was spent running around to do the groceries so the pantry was full again. Lachlan had his friend over for the day so it is always good to be prepared for teenagers appetites.

Yesterday I looked after my friend's 8 year old son for the day as she had to go to work. We had fun going to McDonald's for lunch and doing a bit of kid shopping. Pokemon cards were the order of the day so they spent the afternoon playing cards.

Today I am going to my sister's for a grand final bbq. I would like to see Geelong win but I have a feeling that the Hawks might just get up and win. I dont barrack for either team so it doesnt really bother me who wins.

Knitting Update

I finally finished one sock on Wednesday night. I have cast on for the second one too. I have also nearly finished a baby jacket for a friend which I started on Tuesday night and is knitting up so lovely too. No photos until I have finished though. I am going to try and knit some sleeves for Isabelle's cabled gray sweater today so that will be finished too. I do hope to have some more knitting time next week as we havent made any plans as yet. I also received my copy of the new Mason Dixon knitting book. Can I just say that I love it so much. Great patterns and great stories. I always tend to love knitting books with stories in them or backgrounds of the knitters in them. I have also ordered some new Heirloom cotton from Ozeyarn. They have released some new colors this year so I ordered some brown, blush and denim. The denim will be for my swap present which I still havent restarted as yet. Hopefully this week.

Oh I must thank you all too for the lovely comments on dad's sweater. I havent had a chance to reply to all those emails so I am going to cheat and say thank you here. I hope you all have a wonderful day (and Grand Final day)!


Sue said...

so is that you on the right?
Nice to see you :)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing story about Daisy. I hope she will let you take photos of her babies.
Have a great weekend and enjoy the Grand Final day.

Kellie said...

Oh my goodness ... 8 months!!!!! Well I suppose that considering what she has brought home with her you know what she has been upto!!!!!!!!! :) Great story! Enjoy the rest of the school holidays!

tiennie said...

Glad your break is going well so far and glad that Daisy is doing well!

Heather said...

Glad to hear about your cat and your fun holiday!!!

Katherine said...

Hey, is that you? : )

I'm glad your cat came back; 8 months is a loooong time. And I just got my copy of the Mason-Dixon book too - I love all the blankets. And the mat. And the other stuff. ; )

Corrie said...

ahhhh well done on your cat coming back! i thought it was sooo sad it had disappeared but what a nice suprise for you all!

I love getting together with old friends and its a funny coincidence that I'm the 3rd out of my best friends from school to have twins! coincidence?????