Friday, September 5, 2008

New Knits Planned

I am so happy. I have been looking for this book for quite a few months. This last week I popped into my LYS and found a copy of Peter Pan Toddler Knits and bought it straight away. I am planning to knit the cabled cardigan and cabled top for Isabelle. It actually goes up to 72 cms across the chest so it will fit her. I just hope she can get enough wear out of them before she outgrows them. She has put on about 7 kilos this year as she has broadened across her hips and shoulders. She seems more balanced now than before. She loved these patterns when she saw them. I already have some purple Sirdar DK for the cabled cardigan. I also love the stripey sweater too and have plans to knit a few in different colors for gifts for Christmas for my nephews and a friend's 2 grandsons. She is expecting 3 more grandchildren too in the next 7 months so I will have to get some knitting in of baby clothes.

I also bought the new Patons Book 1289. It uses Smoothie DK and Serenity. They all have some great new colors too. I am planning on knitting the red hoodie, although I might knit mine in pink. I also adore the striped cardigan but would have to knit it a lot longer to cover my extra weight around the middle.

As for us, we are all home sick with yet another virus. I have a respiratory one where I felt like I had to keep taking deep breaths all day and my ribs were aching. I visited the doctor yesterday and he said yes I had an infection so now more antibiotics. Just as I pulled up in the driveway my mobile rang and Lachlan came home from school sick. He looked awful so I booked him into the doctors along with Isabelle. They both have a virus where you get stomach aches, sore bones, sore eyes, headaches, temperature, and feeling nauseous. Isabelle's temp wasnt as high as Lachlan's but both are now on medication too. The doctor did say in the last 4 to 5 weeks they have had so many patients with viruses. Usually they get a few but not usually such an overload. It is supposed to be due to the very cold winter we have had. I have to say that I am now over being unwell and hope this is the last lot for the year. Nothing worse than not feeling yourself. I am hoping by the end of the weekend that we all feel better in ourselves. Lachlan is off to camp for 2 days next week so I wanted him to be okay with his hike and not pass out from not feeling well. He should be much better by then, just hope it doesnt snow next week there.

I finished up the father's day shopping for Paul from the kids. I couldnt get the gift I wanted for my dad as they had sold out. I bought him a grow your own mushroom box. He loves gardening so I think he will enjoy it. I bought one for the kids too and Isabelle helped me set it up and gave it a quick mist. Hopefully in the next month we should get some mushrooms that are nice and fresh to cook and eat. I cant wait as I love mushrooms.

I also bought some new sensor outdoor lights for the front garden. Some were a bit old and not working as good as they should be, and the cats broke two of them from playing around near them and one got stolen. I have put the new ones closer to the house so hopefully no mishaps or sticky fingers will pinch them.

I have also been going to see Isabelle swim this week with her school. She hasnt been for about 4 years for lessons so it is great to see her enjoying all the new things to learn again. I am going to put her in for the swimming lessons after the holidays as she will love it. It has been nice to sit with some other mums and have a chat and a coffee whilst watching them swim. A nice way to spend every morning, although the pool does get quite warm inside.

So that is the catch up for this week and hopefully there will be some FO's when I feel like I can breathe again properly and my ribs arent as sore. Ooh I nearly forgot, Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there for Sunday.


Knitting Mummy said...

What a coincidence Sue I actually bought that pattern of the cardigan and top this week, great minds and all Mine is just the one pattern though not the book.

Sue said...

I love the red hoodie. I would totally wear that. And the cardi is cute, but like you, I would need about 10 inches added to it!
I hope you all start feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope you will all feel better soon.
Great projects you have lined up to knit.
I look forward to see them here on your blog.

tiennie said...

Feel better soon!

I know you'll whip out all those lovely sweaters quickly!!

amanda j said...

Oh dear, hope you all feel better soon. You're right, there is nothing worse!

Looks like we can look forward to seeing some lovely knitting from you soon!

amanda said...

Hope you're breathing easier again soon. I love the red hoodie...sooo cosy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment! Get well soon :)

Denise said...

Those are some pretty knits, I like the idea of the hoodie in pink, I love pink!
Sorry to hear you're all not well, I hope the meds work fast and you feel better soon.

Walled Garden said...

Oh Sue! if I still lived down the road I'd get you to knit the hoodie for me!!!
Hope you are all feeling a bit better soon and gosh!!! I'd love to grow some mushrooms. Hope your's work well.
Cheers Gilian

Kate said...

I hope you are feeling better now.
Mushroom kits are great? Our has just taken off - still can't convince the girls to eat them though.

Hilary said...

:( I hope you and your little ones feel better soon!

Heather said...

I, too love the hoodie, especially in pink!