Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2008 - FO No. 49

Oops! I hadnt realised that it is nearly halfway through December and I havent posted a post since November. Naughty me! I have been a bit busy with some things, not enough crafting though. I am finally happy to say that my swap parcel had arrived, my swap partner had been out of town and didnt bother to tell anyone. I am thankful that she liked everything so now I have joined another swap, the Cloth and Soap xmas swap which is becoming a bit of fun. I knit my swap pal a Santa cloth which was easy and fun and quick too.

Pattern: Santa Cloth by Krisknits

Yarn: Spotlight Cotton, color aqua

Started: December and only took one day to do.

I do hope she will like it and I can see the Santa face much more clearly in my photo than trying to see it on the cloth. I have already purchased a lovely soap to go with it, and now to find a few nice goodies to go with it.

As for daily life, well we have Isabelle's xmas concert tonight. Her class is singing the Koala song which is very cute. I will try and get some good photos if I can get near the stage. Isabelle did tell me she is a little bit nervous but I am sure she will be fine once she is with the other kids.

On the weekend we have a christening where Paul and I are both godparents to my good friend's two children. I have been knitting away on a jacket for my soon to be god-daughter which I might give to her for her birthday in January. I have knit the jacket a few times before and love it, only this time I knit some fluffy yarn for the edges of the sleeves and the hood. I do hope she will wear it as I made a larger size. Then on Sunday afternoon we have Paul's grandmother's xmas party. She invites all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren so it is a lovely time to catch up with everyone. She buys pressies for all her relatives and we all bring a plate of food. It is a nice get together. Perhaps this year I can take some photos if I remember to.

So that is the rundown for the week. Next week is full of things for the kids and a few things for me to do. I have written all my xmas cards and just need to post a few off and most of the presents have been bought, nearly all wrapped. I just need to buy for my dad who has everything and is always hard to buy for. Paul's mum is hard to buy for too so she is still on the list and Paul who is easy but says he doesnt want anything as usual. He will be getting a present though. Okay must go as the kids are due home from school very shortly.


Sue said...

I love the Santa cloth. very cute!
You are much more organzied than I am. I haven't done cards or wrapped a thing yet.

Katherine said...

Phew! It's always a bit tense until those packages get there, isn't it? Sounds like you are in good shape for Christmas. I hope Isabelle's concert went well (it's morning here but I suppose the concert has already happened. ; ). Those things are so cute.

Sandra said...

well, Franciska is having few concerts with preschool these days! And guess coincidency - the big concert is the same day and time as my gynecologist apointment! Who would believe it!l

Annie said...

Cute Santa. I hope you are enjoying the busy season!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

It arrived!!!! I'm so happy your package finally made it to the recipient :)

Love your Santa dishcloth - soooo cute. That looks like a fun swap - almost wish I had done that one myself!

Knitting Mummy said...

Love the santa cloth. I know the pre christmas concert mania only too, I also have 3 kids birthdays this month!

Ann said...

The Santa dish cloth looks great. I think it's the time of the year that we have a million things to do before Christmas.

Carol said...

I love the santa cloth.

Corrie said...

oh so cute sue!!!! adorable!!!


tiennie said...

That is cute! You are a very busy woman!

Lynne said...

That is one cute washcloth.

I'm so glad the swap worked out okay in the end.