Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Christening

The christening went well on Sunday morning. A few funny things happened, the priest didnt book in the christening for some unknown reason (perhaps the paperwork was lost) so we were the only family there. My friend Sharon was baptised as well and didnt expect that at all. It was quite funny although she wasnt too happy about her hair getting wet.
The first picture is of Paul with his godson Jesse. Jesse was quite excited about it all.

Here is my goddaughter Chelsea with her mum. She is at the stage where she doesnt want anyone but her mum so no photos of her with me. We will have to fix that up before Christmas. She is a little cutie. She pulled off her hairband in the photo so her hair is a little bit messy. Lachlan had a great time playing pool back at the house and one of his school friends was there too so it turned out well. Isabelle didnt want to go home.

After the christening we went to Paul's grandmothers for the xmas party. She told us to be there at 5:00. Everyone else had turned up at 2:00, had done the present giving, eaten dinner and were finished. By the time we arrived it looked as though we had been forgotten about. Next year I have told Paul we will be doing what we want to do instead of trying to make it there on time every year. Fancy being told to turn up 3 hours later than everyone else. I was a bit annoyed about that, can you tell. Oh well enough whinging!

Just to end on a happy note Isabelle had her chance to go to Carols By Candlelight on Saturday night with my sister. They ended up holding it in the school gynasium as it was pouring rain. She came home with her face painted and didnt want to wash it off. I took a photo before she removed it for bedtime. She kept her carols book and has been singing xmas songs ever since. They even got some little battery operated candles which are great. Oh and Isabelle said to tell you all that behind her is her new lava lamp that her auntie bought her for doing well at school. Lachlan got one too but his is red and blue. He seemed to pull himself together in the last term of school and did really well with his marks. Now to face Year 10 next year and lots of new subjects to study too. Hope you all have a wonderful day. I will be back later with 2 new FO's.


Katherine said...

Isabelle is adorable. : ) That's so strange about the Christmas party; I wouldn't be busting my butt to get there on time next year either!

Kate said...

That is awful about the Christmas party! I'm glad the Christening went well anyway.

Walled Garden said...

Wonderful pics and news. Isabelle looks lovely as usual and well done Lachlan for getting good results at school. It all helps in the end when you have to decide what to do and you have choices to make rather than slots to fit into.
Have a great Christmas all of you and a ripper of a year to follow.
I'll get blogging again next year. I have a lot to say!!!
Love for now

Corrie said...

oh my that chelsea is a real cutie!!!!!!! oh and of course your own lovelies and did you realise that is the first time I've seen a pic of your hubby on your blog!!!!!!!!!!

hope you're having a nice break