Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Every Little Bit Helps

Over on ravelry they are knitting 12 inch squares (30 cms) to be made into blankets for some of the bushfire victims. They are asking for machine washable wool or synthetic yarns to be used. They are also asking for some patchwork squares to be made up (and possibly fabric donated) to make the squares too so if you have any time to knit up some squares, or fabric available it would be lovely if you could help out. I have asked my mum to contribute some squares and I will be asking my friend tomorrow to knit some up too if she has time. I havent heard where to send them to as yet but I will let you know how to contact the lady for a mailing address if you would like to help.
Katt also let me know that if you need to shop for groceries and can hold off until Friday then Coles are donating all their proceeds for the day towards the bushfire appeal.


Katt said...

I just did a post too..lets hope this gets them more help

Corrie said...

its just so sad, I get all teary watching the news. My quilting group is making 12 inch squares too next week and they'll be made into childrens quilts. It feels good to make something and put love into it


Walled Garden said...

Amazing responses all round the country. I can't send knits and stuff so I'll have to think up something else. Good on Coles.
Cheers Gillian

Jelly Wares said...

Thanks for the heads up.... I'd love to knit up some squares to donate and I'm sure I could do some patchwork ones up aswell... Every little bit helps, right... :)

Take Care

Ann said...

It's so sad watching the news every day. I am going to Coles soon to do some shopping - my little bit for the victims.