Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Knitty Is Up

We have rain pouring down our windows and watering all our plants which is so refreshing and wonderful I think I would go and dance in it if I didnt have a headcold. So since it is raining there will be no photo of the latest FO so it shall have to wait until the weather is a little brighter. I am not used to it being so dark in the mornings but we desperately need the rain, so to entertain myself I have been sitting browsing through all the wonderful patterns on Knitty! Here are a few of my favourites:

  • Steggie - A Dinosaur inspired jacket, which I am sure most little boys who love dinosaurs would love, and I am thinking of knitting one up for my nephew's birthday in October.
  • Decimal - A lace inspired cardigan which is just gorgeous in the green.
  • Sourwood - Fingerless mitts with buds on them and buttoned wrists. They remind me of nature starting to bloom.
  • Reverie - A spiral eyelet beret.
  • Cirque - Some gorgeous cabled socks which I am thinking of knitting for myself one day.

Now to add to our wonderful month of stress Isabelle has been dealing with head lice once again at school. It is starting to drive me nuts, especially since on Monday they checked everyone's hair and only 1 girl had it, and was sent home. Fast forward to yesterday morning and one of the mum's had to keep her daughter home as she found some head lice in her hair. I decided to recheck Isabelle's hair and found one crawler and 6 eggs so she is now home with me enjoying her cartoons, but wont be too happy to know that later today she will be getting her hair washed with some tea tree oil to remove them all. I just really wish that people would check their kid's hair to remove them as they seem to be prone to them in the hot months of the year, and the drought does apparently make them breed even more. hopefully by next week they will be all gone from everyone in her class. Oh I nearly forgot to mention that her school got 3 large water tanks delivered there yesterday so I am hoping that they will store enough water to redevelop the school oval which is in very bad shape, just mud and weeds at the moment. Wish they had already installed them with all this rain we are getting today.

Thank you again too to those lovely people who have been concerned about our financial situation. Paul finally swallowed his pride and rang his brother yesterday, yes I know he waited that long but you cant make him do anything he doesnt want to do. So hopefully by tomorrow afternoon we shall have an answer to all this long ongoing mess of ours. I shall keep you filled in once I know. Enjoy your day!!


Sue said...

I am so glad I haven't ever had to deal with lice!

opportunityknits said...

Thanks for alerting me to the spring knitty :) I'm gonna jump over there right there now!

Kate said...

I think lice are everywhere at the moment - hope the kids have hair like mine - you can put live lice in my hair and they won't stay there or breed.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

When it rains here in California I feel like going outside and dancing in it too!

In the Summer I have to check Mr Puffy for ticks and after once visit up North he came home with 18 crawlers on him!

Frogdancer said...

What's Knitty???? Where's Knitty????

Sounds fabulous. Are the patterns free?

Lynne said...

Those little nits are a pain, aren't they? At least we don't live in the era of "shave the head and wash the scalp with kerosene"!! I don't think Isabelle would like that and I'm certain mum wouldn't!

Harpa J said...

Lice - ugh! I used to teach little kids - need I say more?

The dinosaur jacket is fabulous, my son would have loved it a few years ago.

Walled Garden said...

Oh! how wonderful Sue. Real rain at last. Maybe there'll more even.
Love browsing through patterns too
Cheers Gillian

Anonymous said...

I am in love with Decimal as well.
But I resisted the urge to cast on.
The question for me now is, do I knit Decimal from Knitty or Iris from Rowan 45.

amanda said...

Fingers crossed that you get things sorted soon Sue - and that the lice go take a hike!

Heather said...

UGh Lice, it seems to go hand in hand with being in school:(
I am glad things may be looking up for you! I have been thinkning of you but it has been crazy winter here. I am still knitting but the 19 month old takes all my time:) so I never manage to take or post pics:(
I was wondering if you could include a friend of mine from elemetnary school in your prayers and encourage others to pray for her. She is 35 and has stage 4 cervical cancer. This is her blog:
I love the idea that people around the world and around the clock would be praying for her.!
Thanks!!!!! I promise to post some pics this spring in the meantime I will read you!

Katt said...

we have had to deal with lice once so far with the girls..i hope to never again!!! horrid damn things they are!!

i hope your finances go a lot better. i know what its like struggling is far from easy.

Steggie is a cute jacket isnt it? almost tempted to find a little boy to make it for!!

hugs to you and yours. Hope things are looking up now.

Jelly Wares said...

What a bummer about the head lice.... Hopefully Isabelle gets over them soon... I'm so glad that things on the finance front may be looking up, I've been thinking about you guys a lot lately, hoping everything will be alright...

Take Care
Jodie :)

Fresh Tea : said...

Hi Sue,
I hope you are all doing well?
Here is a little distraction for you , the pattern to my third project can be found here :