Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday!

What a wonderful way to spend the day on Easter Sunday, where you ask. Well the photos explain it all, the Melbourne Zoo!
Isabelle was the only one willing to let me take a picture of her, and as you can see the beautiful pelicans in the background. There were so many people at the zoo today so they must have been thinking what a great way to spend the day too. The weather was perfect.
On the left is a black cockatoo with beautiful yellow markings. We saw a red tailed black one too which was beautiful. They are so much bigger than the normal white ones we get near our house.

We visited the orang-u-tang house which was full of 3 lively orang-u-tangs. This picture shows the middle sized one going back inside to eat. The largest one was much bigger than any of us, HUGE!! They looked like they were having fun swinging on all of those poles in the picture. I love the way their arms and legs look elasticised and just reach out so easily.

My faves are always the giraffes. I think this is the baby one which we saw a few years back now. He wouldnt pose for me so I had to sneak a pic!

The reptile house, which is always Paul's favourite place, had lots of snakes (ugh) and lots of lizards. I dont mind lizards, I think some of them look quite cute and very interesting. This one was a fijian iguana I think. He was such a beautiful green I couldnt resist taking his photo. We saw the new snow leopard cubs too, all sunbaking with the mummy on the wooden platform having a wonderful sleep. My goodness they are so adorable. We also popped into the butterfly house. I am always so paranoid about them landing on my face or head. Lachie and I walked out and he tried to trick me that there was one on my back, and then just as I was about to walk outside he yelled that there was one on my leg. I had to quickly rush back inside and brush it off so it didnt fly away. Perhaps Lachie wont be so quick to trick me next time. I was disappointed to see that the seal and penguin enclosure still isnt finished yet. They started it 2 years ago now and it is still going. They have changed a few enclosures though, with the echidnas and koalas in a different place. The wombats now have a new home underground in a tunnel which you walk through. I found it quite fascinating to see how large those tunnels actually are, about 1 metre high. Of course the 3 wombats were all fast asleep in their tunnels and looked very cute. The kids both walked through the children's wombat tunnel to see how large they actually were and Lachlan could just stand up in it at the top. He is 170 cms tall (we measured today outside the bear enclosure) so they really do burrow down quite deeply.
Okay tomorrow hopefully another FO, but I do have a feeling it might be a little bit too small for the new recipient as he was born over 11 pounds!


Erica said...

What a fun outing! It looks like Isabelle had a great time. The toddler giraffe is adorable.

I am wincing in sympathy for the poor mama of an 11 lb. baby! It's always worth it, of course, but...11 lbs!!!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

the zoo looks like a great place to spend Easter... when it warms up here (Canada) I'll have to talk my sweetie into taking me again.

Donna said...

We spent Easter Sunday at Taronga Zoo - great minds think alike :)

Oiyi said...

Sounds like a great day!

Corrie said...

11 pounds! oh my goodness me that is one big healthy baby!

looks like a lovely day! do you want cotton time or cotton friend? also I saw the ami groovy book today but wasn't sure if you still wanted it so just let me know! can you drop me an email as I don't have it anymore unfortunately!

thanks Sue and happy easter!

Kate said...

Looks like a lovely way to spend Easter.

Sandra said...

happy Easter! There is only one Zoo in Croatia, luckily in our Capital (and we are close to it), but unfortinately that Zoo is pretty neglected! You should see how skinny elephans are.

tiennie said...

That is a very fun way to spend the day! We were even thinking of going but it poured and poured and poured all day here. :(

PlumStitches said...

sounds like a wonderful day!