Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Sister's Quilt

This is a picture of my sister's beautiful quilt, An Angels Story by Annie Downs (Im pretty sure that is who designed it). It has taken my sister 4 years to stitch every one of those pictures and handquilt and finish it off. My sister finished it at my house Monday afternoon so I took a picture to show you all how wonderful it is. She has done a lot of other projects in between (including my 40th quilt) so I think she has done it in amazing time. I am eager now to see what project is going to be started next. Sorry for the poor photo but I couldnt fit it all in properly.
Now onto the knitting around here (sorry no pics as yet). I have been knitting lots and trying to reduce stress levels (as is the norm for now). I have knitted half of my god-daughter's jacket, half a blanket for a new baby due THIS MONTH (oh my goodness), and half of the Textured Jacket from the Vintage book from the last post. I have to say that those patterns are very addictive and the one I am knitting is quite simple too.
Isabelle had another sleep over last night at her friend's house, so that makes 2 in two weeks which is great considering a few months ago she wouldnt stay anywhere. Unfortunately the little brother of the first sleepover friend had a terrible cough so now Isabelle has caught it. A quick trip to the doctor's and we have 2 different medicines to take. I really am starting to think that I should visit with the naturopath instead of visiting the doctor all the time as my sister goes to one and really benefits from it. Perhaps a visit is on the books soon for the kids and I to see what we can learn. It always happens that on school holidays one of us is sick. Paul seems to miss out on most of the germs as he is away at work so isnt around it all the time. I am hoping she feels better by the weekend so we can do some nice things on the holidays, like perhaps see a movie. I really want to see the Harry Potter movie but it isnt on until the kids are back at school. I am sure Isabelle will want to see the Hannah Montana movie as she loves her music. Okay that is about it, time for some sleep around here and relaxation.


Samantha said...


Oiyi said...

Your sister did an amazing job on that quilt. It looks like so much time and work was put into that quilt. It's beautiful!

I can't wait to see your projects from the Vintage Baby Book! I am sure it will be great.

Sandra said...

What a beautiful quilt! I am still struggling with my mini quilt and all I do iscomplaining! Bravo to your sis!
Talking about doctors! Oh boy, something I could talk and talk! Somehow doctors here (even pediactricians) simply adore thritting everything with antibiotics! EVERYTHING!
So, most of the time I don't take my kids to doctor's - only when all I did, didn't help (mostly helps).
When Franciska had realy bad allergy at the age of 8 mo - I gave up all specialist after one week (since everyone had different diagnosis) and started feeding her due to macrobiotics principles! Everyone was telling me I was doing wrong, but after few days ... not a trace of allergy! I continued with macrobiotics for next 4 months and allergy has never came back!
Sometimes you simply have to follow you heart!
(Boy, this was an loooong comment)

Kate said...

Your sister has done an amazing job! Looks wonderful.

Amanda said...

Beautiful quilt!

Thimbleanna said...

Congratulations to your sister -- that's a beautiful quilt! Looking forward to seeing some of your knitting!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, your sister did an amazing job. Your families must be very lucky to have such talented ladies around.
We are also looking forward to the new Harry Potter movie. But first there are 12 more days of school.

PlumStitches said...

beautiful quilt!