Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 25 ....

This is Tropical Lily (a free pattern on ravelry). The sizing doesnt go up to Isabelle's size, but as I was looking through all of the projects one lady had upsized hers to fit her daughter who was 10 years of age and wears the same size as Isabelle. I quickly cast on yesterday at my sister's house and knitted away. I went to bed earlier than usual last night and then woke up at 8:00 this morning and got a couple of repeats in again. I am sure this will be finished in no time at all since it is raining today so there will only be the ironing to do, cooking and knitting!
My sister and my parents came over last night for a bbq as the weather was gorgeous yesterday. Sadly my birch trees have died due to lack of nutrients and the drought so she is going to buy me some more trees to plant as a xmas pressie. I was thinking of those pretty crabapples trees which are drought tolerant. I need to find a really nice picture of one so Paul can see what they look like. Anyone else have some ideas for nice drought resistance trees that look nice to put in the front yard. We cant put any large rooted trees because we cant plant them near the house. I also bought some seasol and some blood and bone and Paul has just finished giving all the plants a bit of an uplift. Hopefully it rains some more today so it can get a good soak in and they will be much happier!


Cardygirl said...

So sad about your trees... I have a lovely crabapple, I think Bechtel is the variety which is doing well here even in the drought, I posted a pic of flowers a few posts ago. Love the are doing well blogging so much!

PlumStitches said...

can't wait to see Tropical Lily when it's finished. cow manure it great on trees/plants, etc. In the states there are a few companies that sell it decomposed and then package. There's also another company that sells composted lobster shells. Maybe some mulch would help retain moisture around the tree too?

Thimbleanna said...

I love the colors in your knitting -- very pretty! Sadly, I don't have any drought tolerant plants to recommend -- we have lots of rain!

Katt said...

i have to get seasol around all my fruit trees really soon (and my strawberries).

we havent had rain here for weeks!! please send it our way ;)

your Tropical Lily is going to look fantastic! love those colours :)

Corrie said...

wow the colours are gorgeous! how come I never find anything that lovely when I go to spotlight! your mum did so well!

gosh I love ravelry! whenever I need a pattern or inspiration I go there and voila...what did we do without it!

looks lovely! off to check out that pattern as maybe it will fit keira!


Lynne said...

Soory to hear about the trees!

Your knitting is very pretty - I'm sure Isabelle will love it!

Gillian said...

Hello Sue, My silver birch trees were dead from the drought when I moved into Bacchus Marsh so I pulled them out and put three new ones in. One of those died too but I left before I could replace it. My successful trees, even in the drought there were citrus (Limes and Lemons), Crab apple (Malus Gorgeous/various sorts) and nectarines....they seem to do better than peaches.
Now I'm back in England I can't grow any of those so I'm going for Japanese Maples to get the autumn colour.
Cheers Gillian