Sunday, January 3, 2010


Happy New Year! The kids and I popped down to my parents (10 minutes drive away) and spent it with my auntie and mum and dad, watching the storm roll in which reminded Isabelle and I of the Wizard of Oz for some reason, we just needed a tornado to roll in and it would have been very scary! Paul stayed home and watched the storm with the garage door open for hours until about 1:00. You could see the lightning everywhere around us, as we returned home at 11:00 to spend it with him. Jake the kelpie was happy that Paul stayed home to look after him (he absolutely hates thunder and fireworks)! So .... not too much happening, a bit of crafting and a bit of sewing I hope for later tomorrow too... I went shopping yesterday with my auntie and parents to a book place in Hoppers Crossing which had been advertised on tv, and bought these 2 calendars. I absolutely love the sewing one and can see some projects being made this year from it. The knitting one has some nice things too but nothing I want to knit right away. I thought they were a bargain for $5 each.

2009 FO No. 42
I did manage to finish off my sister's birthday pressie (after relocating the pattern) and finished it on the 29th of December. I am sure I started this in July of 2009 so it has sat around for a bit. It is from the Sirdar Big Softie Knits For Beginners book 344.
Pattern: Design B - One Button Wonder. I made the size 14 but I am hoping it is long enough, seems a little bit cropped to me compared to the sleeves but we will see how it looks when she tries it on.
I have managed to finish off all the birthday shopping for January
8th - my sister's birthday
12th - my goddaughter's birthday
16th - Lachie's 16th birthday (makes me feel old)
21st - my mum's birthday
Thank goodness most other birthdays fall during the year and are spread out a bit too. I have lots of cousins and aunts in January too but never see them much or buy them pressies - thank goodness!!!!
Hope you are all enjoying your holidays if you are having them. Isabelle is learning to sew a ribbon bag these holidays and Lachlan is reading all his new books so Im hoping they dont get too bored early on. I am going to try and do some sewing these holidays and finish off some socks that I started 2 days ago, one knit and one to go!


Kate said...

Oh Sue i just love that cardi so much! Is it really a beginners pattern? I might have to hunt down that pattern and have a go. Your sister will be thrilled. We have lots of family January birthdays too. I love Capricorns. I hope you continue to enjoy your holidays.

beck said...

Happy New Year Sue!! Wasn't the storm a wild and dramatic way to start the new year? I like the cardi you made and it sounds like you will be a busy girl in 2010 with all the new books and ideas. Hope the new year is a fab one for you, with lots of fun, love and new adventures xo

Denise said...

I like the look of that knitting book, and what a great price! Pretty cardigan:)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, I had fun seeing the Sydney fireworks early on our New Years Eve and thinking of you down under.
I got the same knitting calendar for Christmas.
You will see the new page always a little earlier. LOL

Jodie said...

ooh, the sewing calendar has lots of bloggers projects featured in it as well...

Oiyi said...

Happy New Year! What a beautiful sweater to start off the year.

Corrie said...

yay sue , loving the new look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sandra said...

damn, I was quite a long away from you blog - it looks totally new to me! :))))
Happy new year to you and yours! Wishing you many more knitting project and lottery win so you should never have any financial problems!

Stephanie said...

How pretty! Love this sweater! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love meeting new people out in blogland. :) Steph