Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2010 - FO 21

Pattern:  Idle Hands by designer Katt Walker (ravelry id - Kattwings)
Started:  Last week and only took 2.5 hours for 1 mitt
Yarn:  Zara (rose color) 1 ball

My friend Katt asked me if I would like to do a bit of test knitting for her.  I have test knitted a sock pattern for her but it still needs a little bit of tweaking so I thought I would join in and test knit this fingerless mitt pattern called Idle Hands.  It is so easy and I have to admit this is my first time knitting a thumb too!  I love the pattern and the Zara yarn is just gorgeous.  I always find it so soft and happened to have a ball spare after knitting Isabelle something a long time ago.  Katt is very excited about this pattern so I will let you all know when she releases it.  She also designed the rastacat hat which I knit for Isabelle a few months ago and that was another fabulous pattern.  I can see these mitts making their way into a few xmas pressies this year.  Thanks Katt for letting me test knit these!

Thanks to everyone who left wonderful birthday comments for Isabelle too, she loved reading them and thought it was quite nice that so many of my bloggy friends wished her happy birthday.  The party went well and then on Monday I took her birthday shopping.  She surprised me and actually bought herself some lovely cute clothes, whereas I thought she would buy some toys!


Thimbleanna said...

Very pretty mitts Sue! It sounds like Isabelle might be growing up a bit!

Michele said...

Very cute! They look like a quick, easy knit. I really like the color too.

I hope Isabelle had a very nice birthday!

amandaj said...

Oh, is it the end of an era? We find there aren't so many toys around here any more either. They grow up too fast!

Your mitts look lovely. Clever Katt hey?

Oiyi said...

Beautiful cable design! Awww...your little girl sounds like she is growing up. Sniff, sniff, sad and great at the same time.

Jan said...

DIL and I took Miss Just 10 and her best friend (a boy!) birthday shopping two weeks ago. They exhausted us. Talk about comparison shopping. They were as fussy as... Four hours later, Miss 10 had managed to spend $40 of $150 which was a total from her parents and others. Friend had spent $10 of his $50. He bought a game which was $50 in Toys-'r-us and $10 in the Reject shop. I can tell you, we were glad to stop for lunch. She's since added a pair of shoes to her haul.

These two have been best friends since the first day of school, years ago and are prohibited from sitting together as they talk all the time. Both at top few of class.

Ann said...

Nice mittens & only 5 hours to knit a pair. I am knitting a pair of mittens too & it's taking forever & I just finish one.

Laurel said...

Darn, new post before I left my birthday wishes. Gorgeous girl you have there :)

Those are lovely mitts, will be excited when the pattern is released.

DrK said...

oh very pretty. zara is just the best yarn! i feel a pair of those in my future!

Sandra said...

Lovely cable mitts!