Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2010 - FO No. 20

Pattern: Design A from Farmyard Girls and Tractor Boys
Size:  10-11 years
Yarn:  Sirdar Aran Supersoft, denim color, 3 (100gm) balls
Started:  End of July and finished today
Buttons were found in the stash of buttons!

Isabelle tried on the cardigan before heading off for netball practice.  Sorry the photo is so dark but it has started pouring with rain so everything is dark and gray this afternoon.  I have to say that I loved knitting this cardigan and the bottom parts took practically no time at all.  The yoke took 2 nights of knitting and measuring as it is done sideways so you have to stretch to fit and make sure you finish on the right row!  I used less than the 4 balls which was recommended, but beware that the original pattern states 7 which was an error (there is a little correction page on the inside of the cover).  I only used half of the 3rd ball so I have a ball and a half to use on another project later on.

The next projects to finish are the test knitting projects.  One sock left to do which I showed Kate last week.  Another cardigan/jacket pattern - the body is nearly finished, just need the sleeves and bands to do.  I also need to finish off the soon to be born nephew jackets and I am going to knit them some little stripey hats too.  I cant show Paul's grandmothers though because they want the sex kept as a surprise so I may have to hide my knitting on the weekend as they coming up for a visit for Isabelle's birthday party.  I should be very busy over the next few days shouldn't I.


Lee said...

That is soooo sweet. I like that very much

DrK said...

that looks great on her, what a pretty yoke, and a terrific colour. theyre just flying off the needles at your place!

Sandra said...

You are fast, damn fast! ANd I can tell - Isabella is more than happy with her cardigan!

Thimbleanna said...

Very cute! You just amaze me with the amount of knitting that you manage to accomplish!

Ann said...

Lovely cardigan. You are a knitting machine.

Oiyi said...

It looks fantastic on her. Beautiful knitting, Sue!

melissa said...

what an adorable cardigan!