Monday, January 31, 2011


Knitting has been happening, mostly at night due to the extremely hot weather we have been having around here lately! Bring on autumn or reduce the temps to 25 and I will be very happy. Up above is the back of the second Sporty Car Coat I am knitting. I like the different mixes of all the greens. I think this one may be going to a little baby boy Alex who I got to have a cuddle of on Saturday, just totally adorable he is.
Up above is a WIP pic of Isabelle's leafy shrug which is a pattern on ravelry. Black was selected for it this time as I dont normally knit with black or white for that matter very much at all. This one has been put aside for a few days so I can knit on it during the day when the weather is cooler. Evaporative cooling does not work well in such high humidity, it just blows out hot air so the knitting has been put away during the day.
Other News-
Two days ago I blew up our steam mop! Dont know how it happened, but it did scare me. Sparks flew out of the middle of the cord like I was welding something and then a patch of the carpet in my lovely front room caught on fire. Thankfully I could quickly put it out and there is a tiny black mark there now which Paul is going to see if he can remove it all. I now own a new handmop which I guess is better for the arm muscles too as I been put off using a steam mop ever again in case it happens. The middle of the cord has a big hole burnt through it too!
I also have an interview on Thursday so I am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well. I wont mention it again unless I am successful.
I also went to the doctors and discovered why I am so tired. More tests need to be done for other things, nothing too serious so far - but my iron count was down to 7 which is extremely low so now I have to have iron tablets and Vitamin D tablets too - that was also low but because my skin burns when it is like 18 degrees outside it is best to avoid the sun most of the time anyway so those tablets will be one I will probably take for the rest of my life she said. I guess now Paul and Lachlan will be happy that we have to eat more beef now to get my iron levels back up. We shall see how that goes!
Isabelle returns to school on Friday so that should be nice for her to see all her school friends again. We picked up all her school books today and got everything sorted out. I am feeling more organised. Lachlan is waiting on a 5 day course to start - I really hope he goes back to school to finish Year 12. We will see how he feels after the course as they explain how things work in the workplace and other things which should be very helpful. I still cannot believe that it is the last day of January, this month feels long but in reality it has really flown by. I do hope the rest of the year doesnt do that like the last one.
Okay I am off to actually watch some tv tonight and Brothers and Sisters is returning which I really like and hopefully it cools down enough so I can knit some more.


Kate said...

That green is looking gorgeous Sue! Oh my goodness that baby Alex is divine isn't he. I think I might have to knit him a Milo.

bec said...

You poor thing, low iron sucks! And low vitamin D is really common nowadays, thanks to Slip Slop Slap! At our last conference I jokkingly renamed it "Slip Slop Slap Slide Slurp (on a water to wash you tablet down with), get it? Also, drink OJ or eat lots of viatmin C, it increases your iron absorption, and coffee and tea decrease. Sorry, my midwifery training comes in handy sometimes! Ant 1 tblspn of milo has heaps of iron in it!
Fingers crossed for going back to school, I can understand how hard it is but know how much you can do with that certificate, too!
Another Bro and Sis watcher, must be catching in bloglanf. Haven't watched to last season, will watch tonight to see if it got good again. Ciao!

2paw said...

So much is happening at your house: I am glad you survived the exploding mop, that sounds very scary. I have a few friends with low iron levels, so you should be feeling well soon, because they did. Last year they moved the normal rage for Vitamin D so more people are low now. I have a low score, and I have to take Vitamin D as well. Hope school goes well for all those involved!!!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

I really like the yarn and color of your sporty car coat. I will have to check your Rav page to see which yarn it is. I don't make black or white items either. I think knitting with white would drive me crazy. You have a very nice blog !

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Oh and I am so impressed that you have six completed items for 2011 !

Harpa Jónsdóttir said...

OMG - a fire! How scary. Once a blender caught fire wile I was using it - so I know hoe it feels...

Glad you are feeling better and that the iron is working.

Charity said...

You are such a fast knitter, I can hardly believe it! Good luck on the interview - I hope it goes amazingly, awesomely well!

Maria said...

The humidity is a killer to knitting or crocheting and my fingers are itching to do either.
Your new projects are looking great

Taylor Kay said...

Oh I love those green colors too! Can't wait to see the finished piece, I'm sure it's going to look amazing! :)

Taylor Kay

Anonymous said...

Hope you are starting to feel better. That the medicine is doing a good job.
Good luck on Thursday.
Is Isabelle starting to become a teenager? The black shrug will look great on her.
Looking forward to the sporty coat. The green looks great.
Wish I could exchange some cold for your warmth.

Daisy said...

I've been taking Spatone for years - it's iron water in sachets that you just add to orange juice and makes it really easy to keep your iron levels up. Not sure if it's available where you are?

Ruby Girl said...

The green is very nice. Thank goodness for air con. or most of us wouldn't be knitting lately. Hope you are back to feeling good again soon.

Tania said...

Your knittery is sublime (since when wasn't it??). It's 26 degrees in Melbourne today. I am very happy.

Gillian said...

Dead frightening when an electrical gadget gives up the ghost with sparks and flames, no less. I once had an electric blanket that did that.
Hope the weather settles down into some calm autumnal stuff soon. Oz has surely had an unfair dealing this last season.
Also hope Lachie gets to choose his way wisely.
Cheers Gillian