Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lachlan's 17!

Lachlan is 17 today, my time goes by so fast! This was taken in August last year for Isabelle's birthday. My nephew Benjamin loves Lachie so much he always has to sit on him for cuddles. Pictured on the left is Gran and Nana Flanagan on the right. Dont they look fantastic for 86 and 90! We are having a bbq for dinner tonight with my family over. Paul's family are all over the place at the moment having holidays and living too far away but it should be perfect weather for tonight! I am starting to feel my age when I notice the numbers of my children's ages going up and after August they will both be double digits!!
I have been watching the floods on the tv and some wonderful stories of community spirit is so uplififting to see. I see it with many bloggers on the internet but to see the public rally together is such a wonderful thing. I am thinking of going through my fabric stash and making some squares for quilts that Corrie and Julie are making up. Every little bit helps! See you all tomorrow.


2paw said...

Have a very happy birthday bbq!! Time just passes so quickly, I don't know where it goes.

Thimbleanna said...

Happy Birthday to Lachlan!

havingayarn said...

Happy Birthday Lachlan! 17 is an interesting age!

My grandmother was a Flanagan - I wonder if we're related??

Karin said...

Happy Birthday Lachlan.
Enjoy the BBQ.

Gillian said...

Happy Birthday to Lachlan!
Happy New Year to you and all your family, Sue.
Cheers Gillian

Sandra said...

17????? damn! time flies! Happy b-day and many more!!!!!!!

drkknits said...

17, wow! (he doesnt look it!) hope you all had a great day. and it is good to see people getting out there and helping in a practical way isnt it? restores ones faith, a little bit. shame we cant be like that all the time.

Corrie said...

my goodness 17! really! no way! gosh I've been reading your blog a long time then Sue! wow!

happy birthday, love the pics of him smiling at his bday and can I just say you are still the ultimate knitting machine finishing your 4th item for 2011 and we're not even out of january! a machine!